Creating Connections: Children & Youth

Tree in preschool room


Nursery activities are offered for kids up to 3 years old. Our attendant offers fun activities and a safe space for our youngest children.

Children of all ages are always welcome to remain in the sanctuary during church services as they and their adults are comfortable.

Sunday School

Every week, children in grades K–5 are offered Sunday school. Children remain in the worship service with their adults until the end of “Children’s Time,” at which point they depart for their classes. Throughout the year, special events are planned for them.

Youth Group

We have a Youth Group for middle and high school ages that meets as schedules allow.  Activities include Bonfire evenings of sharing and questioning, hikes, kayaking and rafting. Older kids often help out with the Sunday School on Sunday mornings.

Youth Rafting Trip

On September 3, 2022, the Pilgrim Youth Group was finally able to complete their long awaited raft trip. Everyone came back with colorful stories of adventure and an appreciation of the beauty and wonder of our own Trinity River.

Some highlights were successful runs down class III rapids such as Good Morning America, Z Drop, Pinball, Fishtail, Upper and Lower Tidy Bowl, Sailor’s Bar, and, of course, Hell Hole.

We embarked on many splashy water scrimmages and made scary but safe jumps from rocks hanging over the banks of the river. Pastor Megan showed off her amazing rock climbing prowess. She also completed three somewhat involuntary swims through the rapids.

Many of the younger participants practiced their whitewater immersion skills as they jumped in and swam through other rapids (including the washout of Hell Hole!). We had fun doing a trust activity where we stand on the edge of the boat, hook paddle grips and lean back as far as possible until one or both participants fall in the water. There are more stories than can be shared here.

Fifth Sundays

During months when there are five Sundays, our worship is led by our youth. This is a wonderful opportunity for kids to participate in all aspects of the service. We also encourage older kids to participate anytime as readers and ushers.