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The Fabricated Paul

The Fabricated Paul: Early Christianity in the Twilight – discussion of a book by Herman Detering.

In theology and church Paul is regarded as the most important and most reliable historial witness to Jesus and early Christianity. This book nevertheless contradicts the common conception and shows that all the Pauline letters are in fact skillful falsifications from the second century.

The author solves the numerous unresolved questions that surround the figure and the writings of Paul until today in convincing and scholarly original ways. At the same time, the reader accompanies him on his breath-taking trip through the mysterious world of Gnosticism and the early Christianities.

Numerous individual observations which have not been considered by theologians until now are brought together to produce an entirely new picture of early Christianity. At the end of the book the puzzle of Paul finds a solution that is as amazing as it is illuminating.

This exciting history of the spuriousness of all the Pauline writings allows the time of earliest Christianity to appear in an entirely new light and invites a critical consideration and new evaluation of presumably certain facts of Christian history.

Jan 6, 2014: Introduction to the author.  Copies of the book will be available

Jan 13, 2014: NO CLASS

Jan 20, 2014: Chapter 1. “Investigation of the Pauline Letters as a History of their Inauthenticity

Jan 27, 2014: Chapter 2. “The Historical Origin of the Pauline Letters

Feb 3, 2014: Chapter 3. “A legend and its Historical Kernel”

Feb 10, 2014: Chapter 4. “What Remains?”