Redding Pilgrim
Congregational Church, UCC

The Age of the Spirit

Age of the Spirit: How the Ghost of an Ancient Controversy Is Shaping the Church.  By Phyllis Tickle with Jon M. Sweeney


“If we were all students, and Phyllis Tickle and Jon Sweeney were our history teachers, we’d all be passionate about understanding our past. if they were our theology teachers, we’d all be fascinated to more deeplyu contemplatethe Tinity in the prewsent. And if they were our spiritual diorectors, we’d be turning our hearts, day by day, to being more guided and empowered by the Spirit to move joyfully into the future.  Here is a book that instructs and delights, so this bright possibility can become a reality.”‘  Brian D. McLaren


June 16:  Discussion of book.