Redding Pilgrim
Congregational Church, UCC

Worship Report October 2016

Leading Causes of Life is the new theme starting in October. Be sure to come and hear how our members expand on this idea:

October 2: John Crowe
Choose Life

October 9: Laura Ostman
Healing Power: Connection

October 16: Laura Ostman
Purpose & Meaning: Coherence

October 23: Welcome Ann as she returns to the pulpit!

If you are wondering how you can participate in worship, this month we will highlight one way:  Come join the choir! It is an important part of the worship service, and it’s fun. Nancy is a great director and there are dedicated choir members who would absolutely love to have new voices join in. We hope to continue to see new faces on Sunday mornings at 8:30 practices. There is room for all voices.  If you are a solist – either vocal or instrumental – you have the added option of checking in with Sheri Curtis to volunter to do special music. A couple of notes: choir will NOT be practicing or singing on October 2, so come the following weeks. Child care is available with advance notice. Call Donna or Pam a few days ahead if you want to come sing and need child care.

Remembering that every day our lives reflect how we experience worship,

Pam Crowe & Donna Nelson
Worship Co-Coordinators