Redding Pilgrim
Congregational Church, UCC

Worship Report November 2016

Welcome back to our Rev. Ann Corrin! It is so good to have you with us again!

Donna and I give a huge thank you to all the folks who kept our church flourishing even as Ann was on her sabbatical over the summer.  First, thank you to Ann for her amazing planning that gave us the blueprint to follow.  Next, thank you to all those who volunteered to give talks, to give the kids’ messages, to all the liturgists, communion preparers and servers, ushers, sound operators, counters, to Elizabeth for keeping us all in order, to Sheri for arranging and playing special music, the musicians who shared, Nancy for regrouping the choir, and to everyone who continued to come each week. It  takes a village to maintain a church, too.

Get ready –  because soon the whirlwind holiday season starts:
November 6 is the first day of     Standard Time. Set your clocks back so you don’t miss church.
We’ll be honoring our congregation with a stewardship focus in early November. Stewardship and worship are so interrelated; worship is part of stewardship. Give thought to what you can give in the coming year to create both self- and community-growth. Our Stewardship Sunday Celebration will be November 13th .
Madrigals will start practicing in our building in November, so be aware the high school students may be there when you come in…be prepared to tiptoe.
November 20 is Thanksgiving Sunday. We’ll be celebrating Thanksgiving at our 10 am worship service and again at 7 pm at St. Joseph’s Catholic Church with the Shasta County Interfaith Forum – always a good time to share with all the faith paths in our area. Do plan to be there.
November 27 will be the first Sunday of Advent and, therefore, the first day of the new lectionary year…this coming year “Year A” begins again.
The first Madrigal performance will be Wednesday, November 30. Please help remove the hymnals and perhaps help move chairs after the worship service November 27.
Mark your calendars now for the “Choir Dinner” the evening of December 4. It promises to be another festive family start for the Christmas season.

See you in church!

Remembering that every day our lives reflect how we experience worship,

Pam Crowe & Donna Nelson
Worship Co-Coordinators