Redding Pilgrim
Congregational Church, UCC

Summer 2015 Finance Report

All totals are as of the end of July 2015.
1. General Fund:
2. Restricted Fund:
3. Building Fund:
4. Endowment Fund:
5. Income to the general
fund in July:
6. Expenses to the
general fund in July:
7. Income, year to date: $100,577
8. Expenses, year to date: $102,663
Income for July was much better than June and almost covered our expenses. Our water bills for the first half of the year were down over $100.00, indicating a lower level of water use even though we are doing a lot of watering of new plantings in
the creek. A big thanks to all of you that are doing a great job of keeping our landscaping looking good.
Finance CoCos,
Bill Justice and Glenn Hoxie