Redding Pilgrim
Congregational Church, UCC

Serving Report November 2016

Your Serving Co-co’s focus on caring for families and individuals within our congregation.  We help with celebrations (congratulatory cards, receptions and potluck gatherings), with supportive prayer (through the Prayer Chain), with meals for the homebound, with cards, notes, and phone calls to those missing from church services, and – occasionally – with transportation.  All of this takes willing souls to provide such care, and your Serving Co-co’s, Barbara Cross and Heather Hennessey, are very grateful to every participant.

Every month, those interested in providing meals, cards, notes, phone calls, a friendly home visit or two, and the needed ride to church, are invited to meet for a “Called to Care” round table.  We gather on Sunday at 11:30 in the Fireside Room to learn which of our members might be in need, we report who we’ve seen and contacted, and we accept our assignments for the coming month.  We always need more volunteers for this ministry so, if you’re interested, please plan to join us.  Our next “Called to Care” meeting will be Sunday, November 13.

In Christian Love,
Barbara Cross & Heather Hennessey
Serving Co-Coordinators