Redding Pilgrim
Congregational Church, UCC

September 2016 Learning Report

Our nursery will remain unstaffed but open for parents as a place to listen to the service while their little ones play.

Nahoko will be caring for toddlers & pre-schoolers in the pre-school room.   That room will be thoroughly cleaned by Steele asap and then Paula and Andrea will help Nahoko set it up to fit her teaching style.

Kaarin will begin Sunday School for school-age kids on Sept. 4 with the 2016-17 Seasons Multiage Curriculum.  Helpers may be needed and Learning CoCos will coordinate that.
Faith Forum is continuing with DVD series, ‘Saving Jesus Redux’ on Monday afternoons 2-3:30pm.

Many books from past Faith Forums are available on the book cart and on the library shelves (in FS Room).  Start your fall reading now:)

Andrea Gibbens & Paula Kahler
Learning Co-Coordinators