Redding Pilgrim
Congregational Church, UCC

April 2016 Pilgrim Council Minutes

Pilgrim Church Council Minutes
April 21, 2016
The Pilgrim Church Council meeting was opened by Moderator Tere Hancock at 5:35 p.m.. Rev. Ann Corrin led with an opening prayer.

Attending: The following members were present – Rev. Ann Corrin, Tere Hancock, Pam Crowe, John Crowe, Barbara Cross, Bob Cross, Larry Solberg, Nancy Patterson, Lu Trullinger, Glenn Hoxie, Tyler Shuster, Jessica French, Dick Kahler, Paula Kahler and Rick Bonetti. Absent were Donna Nelson, Heather Hennessey, John Egolf and Andrea Gibben. A quorum was established.Co-Co Joint Meeting – All Co-Coordinators were not able to meet as a group since the last Council meeting, but a joint Co-Co meeting has been set for Wednesday, April 27, 2016 at 4 p.m. in the Fireside Room.

Connecting CoCo’s – a full report is available online. Tyler said Pilgrim applied for a grant from McConnell Foundation for bathroom improvements, but were told we did not qualify because we are a church. Ann mentioned that technically although Pilgrim owns the property on which church stands there is a reversionary clause in favor of the NCN Conference if ownership changes. Other churches have been able to gain broader community support by creating a separate 501-c-3 that actually owns the property. Tyler said we have invited Michelle Rogers of Record Searchlight to visit Pilgrim. Tyler said we are trying to get a point of interest directional sign installed on Eureka, but Caltrans will not pay for it. We have had various concerts at Pilgrim in the past two months. Pilgrim will have a booth at the Whole Earth and Watershed Festival on April 23rd for Earth day. Connecting CoCos are reviewing a July 2014 visioning report.

Learning CoCo’s – Paula said that they are arranging for people to give the Sunday morning children message during the summer when Ann is on sabbatical. Kaarin will not be teaching during the summer, so the last Sunday School will be on June 5 and it will resume September 4, 2016.  a full report is available online.

Worship CoCo’s – a full report is available online. Pam and Donna are coordinating speakers for summer worship services when Ann is on sabbatical. It was suggested that we get paid helpers to move chairs after various events.

Serving CoCo’s –  a full report is available online. Barbara reported that we will have a progressive, rotating display of Molly Cole’s paintings (5-6 at a time) for a month starting on Mothers Day May 8th. Lynne Bonetti will be hanging paintings on May 5th. Ed Beier will also display 11 of his photographs in the hallway Gallery.

Giving/Administration CoCo’s – a full report is available online. Glenn said we are scheduled to do outside painting during  the first two weekends in May. Heather is doing amazing things in landscaping, but the lower creek area needs to be cleaned up and that is a bigger job. Bob Cross said we are running a little behind in finances year to day – we are budgeted in the general fund for $11,500 per month; but actuals are $8,396 per month. Loose plate average is $1,500 with $`,093 received to date in April. Building Use income budget average is $1,250 with only $355 received to date in April: but building use revenue will catch up later in the year when Madrigals have their holiday dinners. Bob clarified that there is a Memorial fund that receives money from friends who donate in honor of someone deceased. The family may earmark the use of those funds if so desired; otherwise Memorial Funds will be used as periodically needed for items that are periodically needed that are not budgeted for unless the money is designated by the family for specific expenditures. George Cole has separately expressed a desire to have some handicapped bathroom improvements. Memorial Funds are differentiated from Endowment Funds.

Tresurers Report – Lu sent the monthly financial out the the Council and has not received comments.

Docent Report – Larry Solberg has given 3 tours of the church this year (6 people total); more frequent tours are also given by Ann. Donations are used only for building upkeep and repair.

Update on Ann’s Sabatical – Guest Sermons/ Children/ Liturgy – Ann is very pleased with response to her request for Sunday morning speackers durng the summer. Only one day (Aug. 28th) is not taken yet. Ann has communicated with Phil Hart who was an Ohio UCC Conference minister and is now working on an Innovative Lab for the future church about possibly speaking one Sunday this summer.  Ann is encouraged that we are a healthy church with good people who are woking hard. Ann is hoping that her time away will build greater sense of personal ownership in the mission of the church among members and friends.

Capital Campaign Update – Jessica said as part of the grant application we had Woodstone Constuction prepare a very preliminary estimate for a bathroom that would include demo and rebuilding the men’s and women’s bathroom and adding one new unisex/ADA toilet. The 320 sf project would cost an estimated $44,000+ and cover permits, construction, fixtures and tile floor with a $4/sf material allowance and some owner supllied hardware. Rick expressed that costs should be higher if finishes are more than utilitarian to be more aesthetically compatible with the Frank Lloyd Wright design. This estimate does not include architecture fees. Lu said that while we have pledges for over $26,000 we have actually received only about $3,400 since the project was put on hold. A few of the 86 pledging units have pledged larger amounts ($5,000 – $2,000,) but generally there were much smaller capital pledge amounts from the rest of the congregation. We don’t have estimates yet for solar or other suggested lighting, sound and technology improvements. We will continue to work on these during the summer, but will not renew a capital campaign until Fall at the earliest. We do not want to jeopardize our annual operating budget pledging during November by also having a capital campaign at the same time.

May 21st Council Retreat – arrangement are all all made for this retreat in Vina.

Big Tent Progressive Community – Rick noted that John Dorhauer, the new General Minister and President of the United Church of Christ, has written a 2015 book Beyond Resistant: The Institutional Church Meets the Postmodern World, where he stated that it was “not his responsibility to maintain the institution that has housed the mission of the UCC for the past 58 years.” Dorhauer sees his new role as “preparing the denomination for the future by planning, coordinating and implementing the mission of the church.” Dorhauer admonishes that everything on a Council’s agendas should be evaluated on how it serves it’s specific mission. His second point is that “the vessel that contains modern Christianity no longer holds” post-denominational and post-Christian followers of Jesus and that churches still need to support efforts of para-church groups “to be the church” out in the community.  Rick recounted his experience with a church in Saratoga where they successfully planted a new congregation within the existing church campus but this was later repudiated by conservative members of the congregation in the name of intergenerational ministry and overall attendance has plummeted. Rick suggested that we broaden Pilgrim’s identity as a “Big Tent Progressive Community” rather than a church. He also suggested that we need to think seriously now of how to make Pilgrim’s FLW building and grounds economically viable and sustainable as a Community Center, separate from the religious mission of the church.

Northern California Nevada Conference Annual Meeting June 16-18, 2016 – Yani Henderson and Elizabeth Schuster will be Pilgrim’s designated representatives going to Reno with Ann Corrin, leaving Thursday and returning Saturday night. On June 12, 2016 Diane Weibel, NCN Conference minister will be visiting Pilgrim.

Next meetings – June 30 at 5:30 p.m. in the Fireside Room; also Aug 18th and Nov17, 2016.

Ann said a Closing Prayer and the meeting was adjourned at 7:15 p.m.

Respectfully Submitted,
Rick Bonetti, Clerk