Redding Pilgrim
Congregational Church, UCC

October 16 2014 Church Council Meeting Minutes

Call to Order & Opening Prayer – Council meeting was opened with prayer by Vice Moderator Rubin Cruse at 5:40 PM.

Attending: Rubin Cruse, Paula Kahler, Dick Kahler, Bill Justice, Diane Hepburn, Larry Solberg, Ann Corrin, Tara Swanson, Donna Nelson, Lu Trullinger, and Rick Bonetti.

Minutes of August 21, 2014 Council meeting were approved as well as a unanimous email vote in September to add Redding Homeless Day Resource Center to the list of recipients of proceeds from French Country Market and Endowment Fund interest.

Correspondence – Council received letters from Angela Mitchell withdrawing her membership from Pilgrim and from First Congregational Church of Reno to transfer membership of Marily Knipe who moved to Reno in 2010.

Calendar – Corrections were made to the calendar:

Ministers Report – Ann reported that the FAITH, IN stewardship letters are going out this week. Ann will be in Oakland from October 23-25 attending a mandatory workshop on boundary training and officiating the wedding of Greg Holtz and Eve Robinson.

Consent Agenda

Co-Coordinator Reports were emailed to Council from Worship, Learning and Connecting Co-Coordinators and are posted on the website.

Serving – Diane reported that Called to Care has not received any referral until the Hammers indicated a need. We are having difficulty finding volunteers for coffee/kitchen duty on Sunday and Fellowship snacks. Welcome coffee is periodic. Larry is meeting with families to find out what time and date works best for young families for movie night. Ladies L Lunch continues to meet the second Friday at noon. Peggy Mallory is still in charge of the prayer chain and Sally Dale is sending out birthday cards. Game night will resume in January 2015.

Finance – Reports were sent by Lu to all Council members. Lu reported that one of the two endowment funds was closed and that the consolidated fund was $85,320.95 at the end of September, 2014. $203.11 of interest from the endowment fund will be distributed to agencies previously approved by Council. $8,000 was transferred from the endowment fund to the general fund, partially to pay for converting grass areas to freeway bark. The seam between the west sanctuary wall and the basement is being repaired as it was leaking and causing the ceiling to come down in portions of the Choir Room. It was also decided to replace the Fellowship Hall sliding glass door panel (which is frosted due to a broken seal) with some of those funds.

New Business:
Council Nominations and Meetings – The search committee has not been successful in filling Council vacancies. Ann stressed the need to be flexible in accommodating new, younger members into Council roles and to begin to use new communication technology (i.e. rather than traditional Thursday evening monthly meetings. We welcome new leadership who are used to flexible work styles and also expect similar church connections and less organizational structure. We need to allow a new future to emerge. Younger generations need to participate in their own ways and on their own timelines.

Priority of Young Families – We need to make changes now to accommodate recent and future growth. We need to separate infants and toddlers under 3 years of age from more active 3-4 year olds. Similarly, children in grades K-3 need to be separated from 4-8 graders. Ann is struggling with the time needed to assimilate new people into the church and a desire to start a youth group; at present Pilgrim cannot afford a education director.

Pilgrim is at a tipping point in sustaining positive growth and energy.

Some clusters provide a social outlet, primarily for older members, but we need to encourage the formation affinity groups. We also need to be intentional about fostering intergenerational congregational life. At the same time, we must balance the care needs of older members too.

Inward vs. Outward Foci – The FAITH, IN stewardship survey illustrates the tension between our past expectations of primarily taking care of our own church family vs. shifting to an outward, missional focus, where we live out our faith convictions in our local community and in the world. The clarity of our public identity as a church will be from the latter.

Council discussed CoCo areas of responsibility for follow-up with the FAITH, IN stewardship surveys. Responses will be tabulated for the November meeting and discussed in more detail then, once we know the congregation’s commitments. We will also discuss possibly shifting our identity as Pilgrim Community Center in which we worship vs. Pilgrim Worship Center in which the community rents space.

Branding – Ann is supportive of the importance and Connecting CoCo’s responsibility for overseeing the updating of our graphic identity to be modern and consistent with UCC branding guidelines. Diana is starting to make changes to improve all online and print communications for consistency. She will need all of our help to supply words and photos for the newsletter that help her paint an attractive portrait of the church we are becoming. We have a story to tell the public and visitors as well as members. Social media will gradually become a more important part of expanding our communication network.

Assimilation – Connecting CoCo are also working to find a new online database service that will help us better assimilate new visitors and members and connect all of us in our mission in Redding and our world.

Closing Prayer and Adjournment – The meeting was closed with prayer at 7:40 PM.

Respectfully Submitted
Rick Bonetti, Acting Clerk for Micki Forrell