Redding Pilgrim
Congregational Church, UCC

October 15, 2015 Council Meeting Minutes

The meeting was called to order by Moderator Rubin Cruse at 5:35 PM. Rev. Ann Corin lead with an opening prayer. The following people were also present: Bill Justice, John Crowe, Pam Crowe, Tyler Shuster, Diane Hepburn, Nancy Patterson, Rick Bonetti and Larry Solberg; a quorum was established. Absent were Dick and Paula Kahler, Lu Trullinger, Glenn Hoxie, Heather Hennessy, Bob Cross and Donna Nelson.

Minutes of last Council meeting (Retreat) of September 19, 2015 were approved as published on the website.

Minister’s Report –  Ann has spoken with members of the congregation who will be participating in the application for the Lilly Foundation sabbatical grant (discussed at last month’s Retreat) and will be meeting with them in a few weeks as the application process begins in November and goes for 6 months. Ann also reported that Marge Stewart is spending a lot of time at CopperRidge with her husband Stu who is in hospice and suggested visitors would be welcome.

Learning CoCo – Karin Brooke is now our Sunday School teacher and Andrea Gibbens has agreed to join Paula Kahler as the second Learning CoCo. A motion was made and approved to add Andrea.

Church Council Vacancies – Connecting CoCo currently has a vacancy. Larry, on behalf of the Nominating Committee (made up of Vice Moderator and at-large Council members) will ask Elizabeth Shuster to send out a notice of the vacancy in a weekly email.

Church Website – Tyler said that the new website design is now up and running in it’s basic form, having transferred much information from the previous website, but additional input is required from the Council as it was intentionally crafted without a distinctive point of view. It still lacks graphics and some elements such as donation button, but is easier for visitors to navigate than the former website layout. Thank you Tyler.

Pilgrim has a mission statement in its original Bylaws, but it was judged to be too general; a motion was made and unanimously approved to use the 8 points Progressive Christianity to describe Pilgrim Church’s identity on the website in lieu of UCC’s statement of mission. A motion was also made and approved to authorize $75 for Pilgrim to be listed on their Global Network Directory.

Bathroom Remodel – John and Bill met with an architect to see how much it would cost to have construction drawings prepared that would expand the upper bathrooms to 4 stalls for women and 1 handicapped stall plus two urinals for men. The architect said there is no way to get an accurate estimate of costs without getting actual bids from plans that have sufficient detail. The possibility of borrowing of money from the endowment fund was also discussed, but Larry said that only the interest from the Fund can be use for non-budgetary items. A motion was made and carried 6 to 2 that we suspend the process of trying to raise money for a bathroom remodel until capital expenditure priorities are re-ealuated.

Suggested Lighting and Other Improvements – It was discussed that lighting in the center of the Sanctuary should be improved as well as in the Gallery hallway. Attractive cosmetic changes could also be made to the upper bathrooms at far less cost that a functional remodel.

Membership – As Clerk, Rick affirmed that our general approach to membership is to have a very open, welcoming, inclusive and permeable definition for all who want to call Pilgrim their church home; the only reason to have a membership list culled annually is if there is a major action that requires a congregational vote. He observed that the bulletin board with the new, more formal, attractive portraits is in a very prominent location and may be a little intimidating for some regular visitors and friends who prefer to remain at the periphery. Perhaps the bulletin board should be relocated to the north end of Fellowship Hall and replaced with a large flat screen TV screen and associated computer generated display? No action was taken.

2016 Stewardship Program will run for 4 weeks from November 1-22, 2015 with the theme Moving Out of Scare City. Stewardship Sunday will be just before Thanksgiving. Elizabeth will mail out a letter on Tuesday Oct. 27, 2015. Pam and Tyler will modify the form to solicit commitments of time and talents. A second letter will go out during 2nd or 3rd week for those who have not returned their pledge card.

Calendar – please contact Elizabeth or Tyler with info about calendar items.

Treasurer’s Report – Lu sent out financials to Council. Lu and Bob will be gone part of October, but will be here for preparation of 2016 operating budgets.

Ministry Reports – SCIF is having an interfaith Thanksgiving service on November 22nd. Advent begins on November 29th.

The meeting as closed with prayer and adjourned at 7:15 PM.

Respectfully Submitted
Rick Bonetti, Clerk