Redding Pilgrim
Congregational Church, UCC

November 2016 Pilgrim Council Meeting Minutes

Pilgrim Church Council Meeting Minutes
November 17, 2016

Call to order: The Pilgrim Council meeting was called to order at the home of Ann Corrin at 6:20 p.m. by Financial Seretary Bob Cross. Ann Corrin gave an opening prayer.

Attendance: The following members were present: Rev. Ann Corrin, Bob Cross, Donna Nelson, Heather Hennessey, Larry Solberg, John Egolf, Andrea Gibben, Glenn Hoxie, Jessica French and Rick Bonetti. Absent were: Tere Hancock, Tyler Schuster, Paula Kahler, Dick Kahler, Barbara Cross, Pam Crowe, John Crowe, Nancy Patterson and Cajun James. A quorum was established.

Minutes of September 29, 2016 Council Meeting – were approved as posted online.

Finance – Madrigal Contract has been signed for this year and will reviewed again next year. Discussion was about percentage of gross; month net is determined; insurance; carpet cleaning; and supervision (parents are volunteering during the perfomance only.) Meeting to be set with Gavin and Sangita of the Boosters early in 2017. Rehearsals started in November and are held Monday -Thursday 6-9 p.m. Performances are until December 10th. On December 4th they will perform a Sunday morning concert during worship hour; the Choir Christmas Party Potluck will be that evening. John Egolf has moved the computer to a small locked room.

Worship – Donna & Pam will put up greens in the Sanctuary on Monday, November 21st at 10 a.m. The first day of Advent is November 27th.

Learning – Andrea said the kids have finished the season’s learning program. Nahoko is doing a very good job with children 4 years and under. An easel and rug have been donated. There will be a children’s pageant during worship on December 18th.

Serving – Heather reported that they continue to have Called to Care meetings where people in needs are identified and members respond to those needs. The team is down to 6 members and there recently have been more care needs than usual for several members.

Building Update – John Egolf reported that several 5 gallon buckets of cottage white interior paint have been donated and will be used to repaint the hall, Fireside Room and some downstairs areas. A 60 inch TV with DVD player has been donated and will be installed in Fireside Room. Heather called Tina Interiors who recommended drapes on the window wall $3,874 bid; neutral linen material would be used. Acoustic fabric materials on the wall would be effective, but may be too expensive. Action on this concern is not finalized. John Egolf is still working on outside lighting and Mr. Anderson still has to repair a leak in the downstairs area. John will put motion sensor switches in the downstairs bathroom. Carpets will be cleaned after Madrigals is finished performances.

Connecting – Jessica reported that they have finished fall presentation series. Pilgrim is going to be “adopting a family for Christmas.” Tyler will not be continuing as a Connecting CoCo in 2017 and a replacement will be sought.

Stewardship – Bob Cross reported that 43 pledges have been received to date, one third of which had pledge increases, plus 7 new pledges. 33 pledges are not yet in, so it is currently expected that we will have $138,000 in pledges, about the same as 2016. Rick will collate talent volunteers for CoCo when they are all in.

New Business:
* Advocate for Rights of Children Living Under Israeli Military Occupation – Ann reported on a petition from churches for Israel to comply with UN treatment of children in combat zones, to be considered at the June 2017 National meeting in Baltimore. Only 6 churches need to request this for it to go on the agenda, but only delegates vote. A motion was approved by Council.
* Personnel Committee – Cy Myers Jr. will be helping out with the kid’s Christmas music because of an illness in Nancy Dutton’s family.
* Correspondence – Tere Hancock received another letter from Roger Ashbaugh requesting permission to put together an outside group to explore building out of the original FLW plan. Council reaffirmed our position stated in a previous letter that we have absolutely no interest in exploring this option and will only accept donations for maintenance and renovation of the existing building facility.
* Security – There was a recent break-in at Pilgrim, but apparently nothing was taken. Police report 16-81750 was filed by officer Joanna Bland. There was discussion of adding security cameras and moving Oliveview Farm distribution to the kitchen so doors will remained locked unless a meeting is being held.
* Transformative Church Survey – Rick recommended that everyone participate in the UCC survey “What Will A Transformative Church Look Like in 10 Years?” Elizabeth will include a link in the next weekly email blast
* Printing – Larry Solberg has a bid if $1,500 for 500 Building the Church booklets – this item will be considered on the next meeting agenda.

Adjournment: The meeting was adjourned at 8 p.m.
Next Meeting: December 15, 2016 at 6 p.m. in the Fireside Room. We were reminded to send out CoCo minutes ahead of Council meetings via email so focus of our time together can be spent on implementing Pilgrim’s mission of loving ALL, including those with whom we do not agree and those most vulnerable.

Respectfully submitted,
Rick Bonetti, Clerk