Redding Pilgrim
Congregational Church, UCC

November 2015 Connecting Co-Co Report

The council is currently seeking a new Connecting Co-Cordinator. Please email if you are interested. Duties include:
• Connect the congregation with the wider community
• Select areas of concern for study & action by the congregation, & serve as an action arm of the church,
• Seek to keep the congregation informed about current social issues,
• Cooperate with the other churches of the community and with the Conference and national structures of the United Church of Christ in study and action on social issues, recommending policy to Council with regard to social concerns, but without committing the Congregation or its individual members to particular positions
• Oversee communication within and advertising and publicity outside for the church
The new church website is live at & improvements will be as things arise. Tyler welcomes your input & wants to make the website a resource for everyone in the church & those looking for information about the
church. If you are not able to access the Friends & Members section, please email We are adding information gradually, so do not panic if your photo or contact information are not available yet. Please be patient during this process. A big THANK YOU to John Cerro for both taking and editing the photos for this new Directory and the Fellowship Hall wall. If you would like a copy of your photo, please email John Cerro at, and he will be happy to send you a digital copy that you can take to your photo processor and have printed into a 4×6 photo.
Connecting Coco,
Tyler Shuster