Redding Pilgrim
Congregational Church, UCC

November 20 2014 Church Council Meeting Minutes

Call to Order & Opening Prayer – Council meeting was opened by Vice Moderator Rubin Cruse at 5:45 PM with prayer by Ann Corrin. We met in the home of Bob and Barbara Cross as Madrigals are using Pilgrim for rehearsal.

Attending: Council members Rubin Cruse, Paula Kahler, Dick Kahler, Bill Justice, Bob Cross Diane Hepburn, Larry Solberg, Ann Corrin, Tara Swanson, John Crowe, Pam Crowe and Rick Bonetti. Also attending were Barbara Cross and Elaine Justice.Minutes of October 16, 2014 Council meeting were approved.

Calendar – Corrections were made to the December calendar:

Minister’s Report: Ann is in discussion with groups and recommends two community uses of the building for Council’s consideration:

Riverfront Playhouse proposes using the basement Sunday School space on an ongoing basis on Wednesday and Thursday evenings for rehearsal. They will give Pilgrim a buyout performance for no cost.
Second Friday Concerts – a Redding performance group would like to have second Friday concerts at Pilgrim because they have some use conflicts at their current venue; they understand that they could not use the space in December. They have a 7 foot grand piano to replace our smaller grand, which will be moved into Fellowship Hall. They take donations at the door so our 10% use fee would not likely make much money for Pilgrim, but there are other benefits of exposing the community to our church. A motions was made and approved to finalize negotiations with both Riverfront Playhouse and the concert group, whose identitu\y will remain confidential until they make an announcement.
Cleaning the church is now $400 per month because we have asked them to do more. Madrigals increased their use fee to $2,500 and next year they will be increasing their ticket prices to $40. They were sold out before tickets were offered to the public.
Organ – The organ, which has not been played in 5+ years is broken and would cost over $1,000+ to repair. It does not fit the style of worship we have; the portable electronic keyboard has many organ sounds if we were to chose to use them; and it is now in the way, since the preschool room has been added to Fellowship Hall. Also, the speakers over the office are not properly placed for good sound in the sanctuary.  It was noted that it is not a “standard brand” organ and required someone from the Bay Area to repair it last time it was broken. Removal of the speakers above the office would make way for storage. A motion was unanimously approved by Council (with Larry obstaining) to sell the organ for $1 with buyer assuming all costs for moving.

CoCoordinatior Reports: Reports from were received by Council by email from Learning and Connecting CoCos. Lu Trullinger also emailed Financials. Not everyone received Worship and Serving CoCo report so there were delivered verbally.

Worship – The new year liturgical year starts with Advent on November 30th. Madrigals will perform at Worship on Dec 7th and the annual family dinner will be at 5:30 PM the same day. Childrens’ program will be on Dec. 21st. and they will be singing as well. Christmas Eve services on December 24th will be at 7 PM and 11 PM.  SEACM is having fund-raiser buyout at Riverfront Playhouse on December 4th for $25; see Pam Crowe for tickets.
Financial Report: Bill Justice reported that finacially we are doing okay wnd will make it through the balance of the year without needing to transfer funds. October had income of almost $16,000, but we also had $19,000 in payments. Part of the reason that November will be good is that on Nov 1st we received the annual $5,100 check from Dr. Treavor. We will have a big payout again in January 2015.
Construction – Bill reported that a room has been built at the south end of the Fellowship Hall for preschoolers years 3-5 years; Kelli will teach there. A new person is being hired for the nursery (infant-toddlers).
Pledges – Bill reported that we currently have received 55 pledges, but pledges from 25 people who made commitments in the prior year are still outstanding. As of Nov. 17th we have $123K pledges and expect to end with $148,500, about $14,000 above last year.
Pledges had been shrinking for several years, but we have some new pledges and some people have increased the amount of their giving.
Budget requests – due by December 18th. The January Council meeting wil be on the 15th. The Annual Meeting will be on January 25th and the agenda must go out in advance. John Crowe talked about articulating our stewardship vision and communicating goals about the things we want to do next year. Larry noted we need to talk with the congregation, but it’s also the Council’s job to provide leadership.
Jenny Creek – John Crowe expressed a desire to maintain a good-neighbor relationship with property owners on the other side of the public path next to Jenny Creek. Ann will speak with a neighbor who has complained in the past, even though what we are doing in clean up is in accordance will best maintenance practices and within our rights/responsibilities as property owner.
Membership – Rick passed out spreadsheets compiled by Jim Carr that showed commitments people have expressed to achieve the various FAITH, IN stewardship objectives. One of the greatest needs is to have a functioning membership committee and new database software so that we can integrate new visitors and friends.

Community-building activities for young families is also a priority. It was discussed that we should not expect new, younger members to have the same commitments as older members to continue some programs. Ann suggested that it is best to initiate a personal, friendly connection to involve younger families by offering to join them in a project that is important to them.

Safe City Project – Rick distributed information supplied by Pat Tucker on the 11 Solutions proposed by the group that made a Town Hall presentation on November 13th. Some of this fits in with our FAITH, IN Redding neighborhood outreach efforts, although some are based on the erronous assumption that compassionate helping the homeless is actually enabling, which is not our understanding of the Gospel of Jesus.

Adjournment – Ann had to leave early to meet with a young person who may want to join the church. The meeting was adjourned at 7:40 PM.

Respectfully Submitted
Rick Bonetti, Acting Clerk for Micki Forrell