Redding Pilgrim
Congregational Church, UCC

May 2016 Connecting Report

Co-Co Connecting Report

 We have been incredibly busy these last few months, connecting with: the wider community, other organizations, the media and with each other!

In addition to the busy past few months, we’ve also been planning for some future ways to connect. One of the obvious ways for us to connect with the community it to be present at community functions (festivals, walks, etc) and to keep and maintain a Pilgrim “booth” for these events, so that any volunteer, at any time, can borrow it.

We have begun to put together materials for a Pilgrim “booth”, so that any church members wanting to share Pilgrim with the community, will have access to the materials to participate in community events/festivals, etc. To begin, church members donated: a beaver costume (Chewy), a storage container to keep the items in and some materials to create Chewy masks with children, as well as a vertical sign holder. I would like to suggest $300 a year added to the budget to maintain these materials and add new items.

Going back through the previous two years of connecting co-co reports, I found reports about the visioning session the church did and some extremely valuable information, which seemed to get buried as the months went on. To quickly summarize (ref July 2014 Connecting Co-Co report) church members were surveyed about what they believed the priorities of the church should be in Redding:

It would be a good idea to re-visit these visions and see how we could move forward with some action to make some more of them reality.

Lastly, with so many new visitors and members it is important that everyone make an extra effort to introduce yourself to someone you don’t know and to wear a nametag. This will help newcomers feel welcome and encourage others to do the same.

Connecting Co-Coordinators

Jessica French and Tyler Shuster