Redding Pilgrim
Congregational Church, UCC

June 2016 Building/Financial Report

The painting project is nearing completion. Special thanks to all those who helped pitch in during the process; namely: Glen Hoxie, John Crowe, John Egolf, Caroline Nillson, George Cole, Heather Hennessey, & Liam Gibbens-Egolf. There will be one or two more days of touch up work left to complete, but the woodwork has all been repaired (as best as possible) and covered with paint.
Moving forward, we are looking into the purchase of an AED (Automatic external defibrillator) for the church using monies from the Memorial Fund. This is a portable electronic device that automatically diagnoses the life-threatening cardiac arrhythmias and is able to treat them through defibrillation until an ambulance arrives. I cannot think of a better use of our Memorial Fund, than the gift  of having an AED on the premises to help protect our congregation against a life threatening cardiac event.

John Egolf & Glenn Hoxie
Building & Giving Co-Coordinators

All totals are as of the end of May 2016.

1. General Fund        $4,726
2. Restricted Fund    $16,047
3. Building Fund     $16,382
4. Endowment Fund     $84,159
5. Income for April    $12,325
6. Expenses for April     $16,810
7. Income year-to-date    $53,718
8. Expenses year-to-date          $61,660

April was one of our quarterly high expense months. We spent well over $4,000 more than our income. This took a huge hit out of our general fund and leaves us with a thin general fund balance. Our pledge income is lagging behind the amount that would represent a monthly average. We will soon be into summer when income is lower, so it is really important to get your pledges up-to-date. If we don’t keep the general fund balance up, we will have to borrow money to meet our cash flow needs.

Respectfully Submitted,
Bill Justice