Redding Pilgrim
Congregational Church, UCC

March 2016 Serving Report

Your Serving Co-co’s have changed for 2016. After years of contributing mightily to this ministry, Diane Hepburn has stepped back just a little. Instead of being a Co-co, she will focus on organizing and providing meals for the ill and bereaved in our congregation. Thank you, Diane, for all you have done and are still doing!

Barbara Cross has stepped up to join Heather Hennessey as a Serving Co-co for the coming year. Barbara will help lead the Called to Care monthly meetings, continue to be in touch with ill, bereaved and homebound parishioners and – surprise! – begin a new “Joys and Concerns” column for the newsletter, Pilgrim’s Progress. Thank you, Barbara!

Heather Hennessey will continue her leadership of the Called to Care meetings, join in the effort to encourage and comfort ill, bereaved and homebound parishioners, and will continue to interview newcomers and old-timers for our newsletter. (Watch for an interview with Marge Bland in the March edition.)

Your Serving Co-co’s deeply appreciate the faithful service of Sally Dale, Molly Cole, Berny Patchen, Ethel Schmidt, Ed Beier and Alice Anderson, Meryn Huss, Diane Hepburn, Peggie Linville and Peggy Mallory. These wonderful folks send cards, run the Prayer Chain, make phone calls and home visits, and provide meals. (Lynne Bonetti and Karen Lawrence joined Alice and Diane in providing meals for the Williamson family this past month.) We also sincerely thank Linda Lack and Betty Gronwoldt for their steady commitment to fellowship events. We welcome Kit Harvey and her sister, Kim Healy to our Called to Care team and are delighted that Maggie Cerro has said yes to helping Linda Lack with church potlucks. Elizabeth Shuster will also be Peggy Mallory’s backup for the Prayer Chain when Peggy is out of town or indisposed. We have a great team!

Heather Hennessey, Serving Co-co