Redding Pilgrim
Congregational Church, UCC

March 2016 Giving & Building Report

Giving – New & Experienced Leadership

At the 2016 Pilgrim Membership meeting we welcomed John Egolf to replace Bill Justice as coco chair.  Bill served as lead coco for the past several years sharing his valuable wisdom and experience. His oversight and input was key to passing balanced budgets and following through on projects such the walkway improvement and conversion of our lawns to drought tolerant landscape.  His latest, ongoing project is a capital campaign to remodel our bathrooms.  Although Bill has agreed to act in an advisory role, his direct involvement in the leadership of our finances will be solely missed.  However; all is not lost. Lu Trullinger (Treasurer) continues to monitor and give monthly reports regarding Pilgrim’s income and expenses.  Her well organized and clear spreadsheets makes it easy to see that Pilgrim is financially sound. Lu’s job is made easier by Bob Cross (Financial Secretary).  Each week Bob counts our income from pledges, loose plate and other sources including building use.  Lu compiles his reports along with expenses for each month so we can monitor the financial health of the church.  We passed a balanced budget for the third consecutive year at the 2016 membership meeting and our income for the first part of year appears to be on track.  We should note that income does ebb and flow month to month, with a drop in income over the summer months corresponding to a drop in attendance at services.


Maintaining our wonderful Frank Lloyd Wright designed building is a central focus of this committee. February 2016 is the first month we hired Brandon Steele, the grandson of church member John Cerro as a custodian.  John who has a good deal of experience in this field is doing an excellent job of training Brandon.  We are already seeing a positive difference in communication and overall condition of the facility.  We ask for continued input from the congregational.  If anyone notices a burned out light, an especially dirty corner or anything that needs attention, please bring it to the attention of John.  Information can be relayed to us through the church office as well. Two ambitious improvement projects are being discussed and one has an active funding campaign.  The funding for the bathroom remodel project is under way.  We are welcoming donations from the congregation.  Church member, John Crowe is the principal contact for this project.  When making contributions please indicate that the funds are to go to the bathroom remodel project.  We are also investigating the possibility using solar panels to produce energy for our building.  Both of these projects are very ambitious in that they may represent a significant outlay of funds.  We are concerned about overtaxing the generosity of our congregation so we are in the initial stages of looking for outside funding sources. We are hoping to get a grant submitted to The Shasta Regional Foundation during the current funding cycle that ends in March 2, 2016.  We are also looking to an internet organization called “Go Fund Me”, in which projects are funded by small increments from a great many sources.  Feel free to contact us if you are interested in helping with these projects.  We are planning to paint and restore the southern exterior side of the building on May 7, 2016. This is a high priority in that the building has sustained damage due to weathering.  We invite all members to join us. Speak with John if you plan on attending the work day, or if you have input.


With the help of many church volunteers headed up by Heather Hennessey, our grounds are looking nicer than they have in years.  That is saying a lot especially since we are still the 3rd year of a severe drought.

A work day is planned for Saturday, March 19th starting 9:00 am. All are welcome (especially children!), please bring common gardening tools, especially clippers.  

We are also hoping to rebuild a historic bridge across the newly restored ravine to the West of the church building, known as Chewy the Beaver’s home. We continue to seek members interested in adopting a small area such as a flower bed to maintain.

Respectfully submitted,
Glenn Hoxie & John Egolf
Giving & Building Co-Coordinators