Redding Pilgrim
Congregational Church, UCC

April 2016 Learning Report

Our children’s programs are providing a strong foundation for all children to feel safe, important and a sense of belonging. A big thank you to our teachers: Kaarin, Kelli, and Nahoko who continue to make learning fun and educational. The Easter service brought us the sound of the children’s sweet songs under the direction of Ms. Nancy. What a delight to hear the young voices within our multigenerational choir.

The Faith Forum group is beginning a new book: From the Big Bang to God by Lloyd Geering. A recommendation from a respected author, John Shelby Spong: “Lloyd Geering is one of the wonders of the theological world. For the past fifty years he has been a voice calling organized religion to deal with reality. This book brings theology and evolution together in a magnificent dialogue.” Our FF group

meets on Monday 2-3:30 and all are welcome!

The community Climate Change series will show it’s fourth and final documentary this month. The title “Regrarianism: Re-booting Agriculture for the next 10,00 years,” is a Bioneers video and will be shown at First United Methodist Church Tuesday, April 12th at 6:30. All are welcome!

We encourage adults and children to check out books through our library book cart and in the Fireside Room.

If you have an idea for a way we can learn something new as a congregation or as individuals, please contact us!

Have a happy spring
– learning and growing-

Learning Co-coordinators,
Andrea Gibbens & Paula Kahler