Redding Pilgrim
Congregational Church, UCC

Learning Report March 2017 (Lent)

Dear Families,
During the Season of Lent, which is 40 days long (not counting the Sundays, which are all considered “little Easters”), the children will be exploring stories from the New Testament about Jesus’ temptation in the wilderness and Jesus’encounters with Nicodemus, a woman drawing water at a well, a man born blind, and a friend named Lazarus.
Here is a weekly prayer ritual for this season:
And here are some activities your family could do together during Lent:
The Season of Easter
following Easter Sunday (April 16) is 50 days long. During this time the children will explore stories from the gospels of John and Luke and the book of Acts about the ways in which Jesus’ followers shared God’s love through words and actions. Consider reading each week’s story again at home from a children’s Bible: John 20:19–31, Luke 24:13–25, Acts 2:42–47, Acts 6:3–8, John 14:15–21, and John 17:1–11.
Here is a prayer ritual for this season:
Place a length of wide yellow or gold ribbon and a candle in the prayer space. Invite a child to light the candle as you say, “This light reminds us of the light of God’s love in our lives as we follow Jesus, the risen Christ. Christ is risen. Alleluia!”
And here are some activities your family could do together during the Easter season:
Pentecost Sunday (on June 4) marks the end of the Season of Easter. This is a day to celebrate the Spirit of God and the growth of the Christian community. Plan a picnic for this day with activities such as kite-flying or blowing bubbles to symbolize the winds of the Spirit. We will be praying for your child during these weeks. We ask that you and your child pray for us as well as we prepare for and lead the sessions each week.
May this Lenten and Easter season be a time of spiritual nurture and growth for your child and your family.
Kaarin Brooke (Sunday School teacher), Paula Kahler (Learning Co-Co), Andrea Gibbens (Learning Co-Co)