Redding Pilgrim
Congregational Church, UCC

June 2016 Pilgrim Council Minutes

The Pilgrim Church Council meeting on June 30 2016 was opened by Moderator Tere Hancock at 5:35 p.m.. Rev. Ann Corrin led with an opening prayer.

Attending – The following members were present: Rev. Ann Corrin, Tere Hancock, Tyler Shuster, Bob Cross, Barbara Cross, Heather Hennessey, Larry Solberg, Nancy Patterson, Donna Nelson, Dick Kahler, Paula Kahler, John Egolf, Andrea Gibbens and Rick Bonetti. Absent were Lu Trullinger, Pam Crowe, John Crowe, Glenn Hoxie and Jessica French. A quorum was established.

Minutes – There was an acceptance of the May Retreat and Council meetings minutes prepared by Heather Hennessey, as published on the website.

Update on Ann’s Sabbatical –

The sermon theme A Future with Hope will run from July 17th through September 25th. Leading Causes of Life sermon series will start October 2nd. Ann will return from sabbatical on October 17th. Ann is having a meeting with all the Sunday speakers on July 6, 2016 at 6 p.m. Larry Solberg will be able to fill with a sermon if there is a glitch.

A detailed spreadsheet of worship task responsibilities during Ann’s absence was reviewed and corrected. Ann thanked Pam and Donna for their organizational efforts. Leon Nelson will coordinate sound; Tara Swanson will coordinate liturgists; Sue Crandell will coordinate ushers; Donna/Pam will oversee worship details such as hymn selection; Andrea Gibbens/Paula Kahler will coordinate children messages; Sunday school will be on summer vacation until September 4th. Elizabeth Schuster/Sheri Curtis will coordinate special music guests. Fellowship hosts (who make coffee) will be responsible for lock-up after Sunday services.

The Council authorized Tere Hancock to serve communion on August 7 and September 4 and Heather Hennessey (who is ordained) on October 2. Heather Hennessey, Steve Kindle and Ann Lougee will be available for pastoral care if there is illness or death within the congregation.

Capital Campaign Update –

Immediate Actions: John Egolf reported that an AAD (Defribulator) has been ordered and is being paid for out of the Memorial Fund. Immediate improvements are being made to sanctuary lighting (should cost less than $1,000). A motion was made, seconded and approved unanimously to have flat panel TV screens added in Fireside and Fellowship Hall. Tyler will investigate technical aspects.

Long Term Planning: We have pledges for $20,000 for the Capital Campaign, which was originally conceived only as a bathroom remodel project; this is still on hold. In the meantime, John Egolf reported that John Crowe contacted Sunpower to get a proposal about adding solar to Pilgrim. Pilgrim’s power bill is about $8,000 per year, but the City will only allow an 80% solar contribution and does not buyback power generated by solar. The Sunpower proposal suggested Pilgrim would need 80 solar panels. They could be mounted on top of the flat roof at a 15% angle (orienting toward the west) on stands with a dead load sufficient to withstand winds; the roof would not be penetrated. Cost would be $108,000 if roof mounted or $146,000 to place the panels on a parking lot shade structure which would have the benefit of providing shade for autos and be less suseptible to vandalism. The annual return on investment would be about 8%. Pilgrim has about $85,000 in the Endowment Fund, but there are restrictions on use of those funds – not to be used for improvements, only maintenance and investments. Non-profits such as churches are not eligible for fedral tax credits so it was suggested that an LLC be created, whose private investors could receive the 30% tax refund and perhaps the LLC could perhaps offer 6% return on investments. It could take over 20 years to payback the investment depending on how the LLC was structured. Solar panels are now good for 35-40 years. Consumer Reports says it is better to buy than lease. As an alternative approach, Ann also recommended that John contact UCC’s Cornerstone Fund who will loan money to churches for improvemments.

CBO (Congregational-Based Organizing) – Elizabeth Betancourt described this process she used in Sacramento. It involves “framing the conversation”; having one-to-one conversations; Research and Analysis; and creating an Action Committee. Council discussion agreed that now is a fertile time to recast the mission for Pilgrim with a critical mass of new energy. A motion was made, seconded and approved unanimously for Elizabeth to go ahead with her proposal along with Andrea Gibbens and Cajun James, under the oversight of Connecting Co-Co Tyler Shuster, rather than Council as a whole.

Replacement for Treasurer position on Council – Lu’s home in on the market and she will be here through French Country Market October 1st, but would like to train someone who likes numbers and considers it a personal ministry. It was stressed that the Treasurer position is not much more difficult than keeping track of your own personal finances and the new person can modify procedures.

Pilgrim Arts Commission – a motion was made, seconded and unanimously approved to create a Pilgrim Arts Commission to coordinate community-oriented gallery art events. Rick Bonetti will initiate this.

Pilgrim Center – In a letter to Council Tyler Shuster proposed separating the identities of the church body and the building at which it meets. It was decided to defer discussion until the November 17th meeting when Ann Corrin has returned.

Next Meetings – The next regularly scheduled Council meetings are July 28th and August 18th at 5:30 p.m.

Adjournment – The meeting was ended at 8 p.m. with a closing prayer by Ann Corrin.

Respectfully Submitted
Rick Bonetti, Clerk