Redding Pilgrim
Congregational Church, UCC

January 2017 Pilgrim Council Meeting Minutes

Pilgrim Church Council Minutes
January 15, 2017

Call to order: The Pilgrim Council meeting was called to order at 11:30 a.m. in the Fireside Room by Moderator Tere Hancock. Ann Corrin gave an opening prayer.

Attendance: The following Council members were present: Rev. Ann Corrin, Tere Hancock, Cajun James, Bob Cross, Heather Hennessey, Barbara Cross, Paula Kahler, Dick Kahler, Larry Solberg, Andrea Gibbens, Glenn Hoxie, Pam Crowe, John Crowe and Rick Bonetti. Absent were: Tyler Shuster, Donna Nelson, John Egolf, Jessica French and Nancy Patterson. A quorum was established. Also attending were Claudia Mosby, Karen Lawrence, Elizabeth Betancourt and Kathleen Foley.

Minutes of December 15, 2016 Council Meeting – were approved as posted online.

CONSENT ITEM – the following CoCo reports will be incorporated into the 2016 Annual Report. Worship; Learning; Serving; Building/Finance; Connecting; and Membership.

Building Update – Paula Kahler brought up that we need a sexton to coordinate building use setup, take down and lock up after building use by outside groups as well as for handyman tasks that are placing an undo burden on John Egolf. Cajun said we will be looking through all the contracts we have of people using the Church to make sure that costs are covered. Negotiating with Madrigals on their 2017 contract has not yet been completed.

Capital Campaign – Since there was not adequate support for the bathroom remodel capital campaign, a Council committee will contact those who made pledges of some $27,000 for that purpose, including $4,185.50 cash pledge payments received, and recommend a modest alternative capital campaign for deferred maintenance items and/or a sexton.

Finance & Stewardship – Bob Cross, Finance Secretary, reported that we have received 79 pledges for a total of $147,448, including 23 people increasing their pledge amount. There were 8 new pledges, but also some loss in the number of pledging households due to death or moving. This is just under the $150,000 pledge goal. Bob Cross has a team of ten people, who on a rotating schedule are counters of the Sunday collection; two people are always present for the count with their selection left to the discretion of Bob. A new laptop was purchased for Ann Corrin’s use and another for Fiance in December 2016 and the obsolete desktop computer will be disposed.

2017 Proposed Budget – Cajun James presented detailed expense spreadsheets of how she has integrated the information prepared by Lu Trullinger through July 2016 and her takeover in the Treasurer role starting in August. Cajun has spent hundreds of hours colating information with concern for complete transparency. Thank you for your dedication!

The proposed 2017 budget is below. It includes $600 for Breeze software and $3,200 for Prius auto lease and $1,200 for auto insurance:

A motion was made and unanimously approved to accept the proposed 2017 budget to be presented at the January 29th Annual Meeting for ratification.

Nominating Committee – Dick Kahler put forth the following names to be confirmed at the Annual Meeting to replace those going off the Council: Karen Lawrence to replace Nancy Patterson as Vice Moderator; Kathleen Foley to replace Rick Bonetti as Clerk; Claudia Mosby to either replace Jessica French as a Connecting CoCo or John Crowe as a Member-at-Large; Sara Hoxie and Elizabeth Betancourt to replace Donna Nelson and Pam Crowe as Worship CoCo’s. All other Council positions will remain the same as in 2016. The Nominating Committee is still looking for someone to fill one Council position. In addition, Lon Henderson will replace Paula Kahler on the Personnel Committee. Thanks was expressed to all who have faithfully served on Council and in various capacities.

Listening Program – Elizabeth Betancourt presented a summary of the Listening Campaign, which represented responses from 25% (51 total) of the congregation, comprised of a split between new and longtime members and included 10 children. The biggest message is that “we love each other and need to do more together.” We passionately desire to make a difference in the world around us. Pilgrim is seen as an open, multigenerational community where all are welcome and a progressive alternative to other Redding churches. Pilgrim feels both like family to regular attenders and is actively involved in the local external community. Some congregants are aging and their needs are understandably for greater support. At the same time there is also a desire for more outreach to youth and families, including teens and young adults. Balancing the inward and outward foci is a challenge and there are concerns about long term financial viability of the church with a need to give more (money time, etc.) to fewer (causes, charities, events.) Housing and homelessness continues to be the dominant external concern, but many are at a loss about what to do to help. Some expressed a need for a more spiritual and less political experience at worship. Other suggested actions include: community building; building our numbers; youth; mental health; and aging.

Next Meetings: January 29th – 12:00 Noon Annual Meeting; February 11, 2017 Council Retreat, Sierra Pacific Meeting Room at 9:30 a.m.

The meeting was adjourned at 1:30 p.m.

Respectly Submitted,
Rick Bonetti Clerk