Redding Pilgrim
Congregational Church, UCC

Finance & Facilities November 2016

As we enter the last quarter we are behind in pledges.  There is no reason to panic.  We often find ourselves in this situation this time of year.  A reason is that attendance at services is low over the summer months due to the number of congregation members who are out of town. Naturally our pledge income and loose plate collection is less than other months. Low revenue and increased costs, especially energy costs contribute to a temporary money short fall.  Again, we often experience a short fall over the summer months.  We have met all of our financial obligations and as long as the congregation “catches up” with pledges we should be fine with respect to finances.

The stewardship drive is underway as of Sunday, October 23rd so we will soon be able to make a budgetary plan for 2017. As part of the stewardship drive we are asking the congregation to consider why we love Pilgrim Church and to think how to respond to that love.

We have experienced a change in personnel since our last report.  Our long time treasurer, Lou Trullinger, retired and moved to Susanville, Ca.   Cajun James has filled the position and continues to get up to speed.  This is no simple task, especially since the changeover took place at right about the same time French Country Market was held.   Cajun has done an excellent job adapting to the new job.

We should consider issues that have been addressed (the past), what issues are being worked on (the present and near future) and issues presented by our hopes and dreams (hopefully not so distant future).  First the past.

Over the past several months the outside of the building has received new paint. Also security lights were upgraded and repaired. Inside, bathroom lights and lights in fireside room were converted to timers and sensors so that we can save energy.  Also in a somewhat emergency repair, fans in the upstairs bathrooms were replaced.  We also needed to replace the water heater this summer.  Heather Hennessy and her army of volunteers continue to keep the grounds looking beautiful.  Herculean efforts were accomplished to spread bark, trim and prune trees and generally spruce up the grounds so our church was looking spectacular for the French Country Market. Most all of the labor necessary to accomplish these tasks was supplied by church volunteers, keeping costs low.  If you are interested or have talents along these lines please consider registering your interest during the stewardship drive.
We are researching and planning to place sound absorbing material on walls in the fellowship fall.  This is a project funded by a donation from a parishioner.  We have plans to augment lights in the sanctuary. We will also be steam cleaning the carpet in the upstairs.  Watch for work party announcements for the carpet cleaning project as we hope to take of it during a Saturday morning in early November.  Among our many user groups we continue to host concerts for The Oaksong Society and we look forward to hosting The Shasta High School Madrigals in December.  The madrigals will begin rehearsing in the evenings very soon.
Finally; we have a fund to remodel the upstairs bathrooms.  Donations can be mailed to Pilgrim Church or left in the Sunday collection.  We also plan to convert to solar power. Researching bids for solar power is the next step.  If you are interested in helping with this issue, contact Glenn Hoxie or John Egolf.  A grant from the Shasta Foundation for these projects was refused because we are a denominational church.

Glenn Hoxie & John Egolf
Finance & Facilities Co-Coordinators