Redding Pilgrim
Congregational Church, UCC

February 2018 Council Meeting Minutes

February 4, 2018

The meeting was called to order at 11:30 a.m. by Moderator Tere Hancock.

The opening prayer was given by Senior Minister Ann Corrin.

Those present included: Tere Hancock, Karen Lawrence, Ann Corrin, Barbara and Bob Cross, Kathleen Foley, John Egolf, Andrea Gibbons, Larry Solberg, Tyler Shuster, Dan Scollon, Elizabeth Betancourt, Paula and Dick Kahler, Cajun James and Lu Trullinger.

Moved, seconded and passed to accept minutes of January 14, 2018 meeting.


• Worship Co-Co’s Annual Report
• Learning Co-Co’s Annual Report
• Serving Co-Co’s Annual Report
• Building Update Annual Report
• Connecting Co-Co’s Annual Report

Consent Items were approved at our last meeting.


• Cajun James, Treasurer distributed reports of Projected Income & 2018 Proposed Budget, 2017 Budget & Expenses – 2018 Budget. The Budget was reviewed item by item and it was decided to delete the line item Nursery Attendant and move that money to Pre-School Teacher. That item is now $2,575.00. The item Sunday School Curriculum was increased $250.00 and is now $650.00. The item labeled Advertising/Publicity was increased by $250.00 and becomes $750.00. Discussions on various aspects of the budget took place and resulted in these changes being made.

Cajun also asked about the possibility of appointing an Assistant Treasurer and explained why she thought this would be a good idea. A motion was made to ask the Nominating Committee to propose this at the Annual Meeting.

• Bob Cross, Financial Secretary, distributed a Report of Income and Expense for 2017 and the Budget for 2018.

Bob also distributed a report on the Restricted Accounts and how and why they were being changed to allow for a new Reserve Account to be held at Edward Jones. It was moved, seconded and approved to allow these Restricted Fund changes.

The Council also received his Annual Report summarizing the results of the Stewardship Campaign and the results of 2017 giving comparing budget to actual.

(Council Meeting minutes of February 4, 2018 continued)

Our OCWM contribution was reviewed and is in the Budget for $1,800. It has been suggested that for our Church a reasonable contribution would be $2,000. This will be considered at the Annual Meeting.

An amendment to the By-Laws was presented that will need to be taken to the congregation at the Annual Meeting for their approval.

Article XI – Endowment Fund

The fund Managers shall consist of three (3) members who will maintain accurate records of the fund’s principal and income.

All principal amounts will be retained and only the income expended.

No portion of the income generated the the Endowment Fund shall be used for the annual operating budget. (delete)

“The interest income generated by the Endowment Fund may be transferred to a separate Reserve Account and can only be used as needed for the operating budget with the approval of the Church Council.”

The Madrigal contract will be changed to allow storage in our church of their tables, chairs and dishes with the understanding that the church can use their tables and chairs if the need arises. All other Madrigal paraphernalia needs to be removed. Moved, seconded and approved.

• Karen Lawrence reported that she had asked Diane Hepburn to replace Bob Cross on the Search Committee for Interim Pastor. Bob had previously resigned. It was moved, seconded and approved that Diane Hepburn serve on the Search Committee.

Karen reported that she will have an update on the Search Committee at our next Council Meeting

She distributed upcoming dates for Council meetings and the Council Retreat. These dates can be changed when presented at the next Council meeting.

The Nominating Committee report was given at the last Council meeting and will be presented at the Annual Meeting.

A question was raised as to whether or not the French Country Market would be held this year. Elizabeth reported that there was someone who was interested in chairing the event and was going to talk to Michelle Martin-Streeby. We should know by the time of the next Council meeting what has been decided.

Our next meeting will be on March 18th in the Fireside Room.

Ann closed the meeting with a prayer and it was adjourned at 1:40.

Respectfully submitted,

Lu Trullinger