Redding Pilgrim
Congregational Church, UCC

February 19 2015 Church Council Meeting Minutes

Call to Order by Moderator Rubin Cruse at 5:35 p.m.

Opening Prayer by Ann Corrin.

A quorum was established.

Council Members present:  Rubin Cruse, John Crowe, Pam Crowe, Dick Kahler, Paula Kahler, Lu Trullinger, Larry Solberg, Bob Cross, Diane Hepburn, Heather Hennessey and Ann Corrin.

Council Members absent: Greg Holtz, Bill Justice, Glenn Hoxie, Donna Nelson, Kaarin Brooke

Guest present: Berny Patchen

Minutes of the January Council meeting will be brought for review at the next Council meeting.

The March calendar for the church was reviewed and corrected.  .

Treasurer’s Report:

Several hard copies of the Treasurer’s report for January were distributed. The Treasurer will add new Council members to her email list to receive monthly Treasurer’s reports.

The remainder of $36.00 in the coffee fund will be transferred to the General Fund.

Tuning of the sanctuary’s piano was discussed.  Shasta Symphony will be reimbursing part of the last bill and there will be a refund coming also.

Ministry Reports:  Reports as received from Education, Worship, and Serving Co-cos are attached.

Worship Co-cos asked landscape volunteers to meet with Ann to prepare the grounds for the Easter Sunrise Service on April 5th.

Learning Co-Co spoke about the culmination of the Literacy Initiative.  Pilgrim will be collecting children’s books for Faithworks families.

Discussion Items:

Capital campaign for bathroom remodelsJohn Crowe moved that a Capital Campaign Committee be formed to develop plans for remodeling the upstairs bathroomsAll voted in favor.
John Crowe, Bill Justice, and Larry Solberg will serve as our Capital Fund Committee with Ann Corrin as ex-officio.
A special fund should be set up which will be administered by the Financial Secretary and Treasurer.
Gathering of the Co-Cos. Connecting Co-cos have suggested quarterly dates for gathering all Co-Cos.  The dates are March 7, May 2, August 22 and November 7.  The meetings would be held in the Fireside Room from 9 to 12.
The bi-annual meeting of the Council will be on Saturday, April 25, from 9 to 4.  The Connecting Co-Cos will research venues other than Pilgrim for the meeting.
Membership Statistics.  The updating of membership rolls is the responsibility of the Council Clerk.  Qualifications for remaining a member of Pilgrim are incorporated into the church by-laws.  If a member has not attended, communicated or contributed to the church over a two year period, their membership can be revoked.  Our question is whether that revocation should happen. As a legal entity, Pilgrim has to have some membership data.  By consensus, the Council agreed that membership issues be put on hold until a Council Clerk can be recruited.
Personnel Discussion: The Council received a letter of resignation of Minister of Music from Dr. Cyril Meyers, Jr. This situation, along with our current janitorial care, our youth and Sunday School leadership issues, and our discussion of the office position, is inviting us into larger personnel and organizational questions.

Gathering accurate contact information for all those attending Pilgrim is a critical issue.We discussed making an IT commitment to catch up with the tech revolution.This involves rethinking our church office staff. We need to incorporate building use management and IT management capacity in the job description of the Office Manager. The Council discussed tasking the Personnel Committee, in conjunction with the Connecting Co-Cos, with designing a job description for Pilgrim’s office staff. It was recommended that whatever written policies already exist be consulted.

It was moved and seconded that the Personnel Committee be directed to update the job description of our current Office Manager position to be consistent with technology and building management requirements.  All voted in favor of the motion.

Discussion of Building Use Policies.  Building Use policies were updated in January 2011.  The Church Council reviewed the policies and did not choose to make any changes.  The moderator will respond to a parishioner’s letter of concern about the recent use of the church for an ACLU gathering.
Meeting was closed with prayer by Ann Corrin and adjourned at 7:40 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,
Heather Hennessey

Serving Co-co