Redding Pilgrim
Congregational Church, UCC

December 2018 Council Meeting Minutes

Pilgrim Church, UCC
Council Minutes
December 16, 2018

Present: Tara Swanson,Gail Doering, Sue Crandell, Barbara Cross, Bob Cross, Pam Crowe, Andrea Gibbens, Nancy Hill, Glenn Hoxie, Sara Hoxie, Bill Justice, Paula Kahler, Peggie Linville, Dan Scollan, Larry Solberg, and Lu Trullinger.

The meeting was called to order by Tara Swanson at 11:23 am.

Rev. Gail Doering offered the opening prayer.

Minutes of the November 11 were accepted as written by consensus.

Correspondence: Letters from Sue Asbill and Peggy LaBella were shared. Each one thanked the congregation for the fire victim money she was given and returned her check to be used elsewhere as needed. The money will go to the general fund.

Before this section of the agenda was started, Gail gave each council member the assignment to spend ten minutes walking through the church in silence observing. Gail encouraged us to go places we may not typically go and try to look with new eyes. Upon returning, each shared what s/he had seen. Observations regarding good first impressions, places to clean up and spruce up were shared.

The following reports were given. The written versions are saved with the minutes and agenda on the office computer and the clerk’s computer. All were accepted as written by consensus of the council.
1. Pastor’s Report
2. Treasurer’s Report
3. Financial Secretary’s Report
a. all pledges are not yet completed for this calendar year; reminder letters went out in early fall.
b. Pam gave a reminder that PCC has not included SEACM as a recipient of any budgetary giving, and as a founding church of SEACM, we may want to consider such a donation.
c. There was discussion about the skewed relationship the church currently has between income and salaries.
4. Nominating Committee Report
a. Regarding the search committee nominees: They have received many nominees and they are going through a process to create a slate of seven plus one alternate. Gail offered a rubric to use. Each candidate who is placed on the slate will have agreed to serve.
b. Larry Solberg, a nominating committee member, will not be able to participate as a regular member in this process, but will help as he is able.

Consent Items
Reports were received from all Co-Cos. Copies are on the computer in the church office and on the clerk’s computer. All Reports were accepted as written by consensus of the council.
1. Worship Co-Co Report
2. Learning Co-Co Report
3. Serving Co-Co Report
4. Building/Finance Co-Co Report
5. Connecting Co-Co Report

Agenda Items

Regarding money from the NCNC Conference for Holiday Traditions (Jessica)
The church received $10,000 and an additional $1500 from the Conference for fire victims. Of this amount, Jessica spent $11,000 leaving $500. Nancy Hill made a motion to give this $500 to the Connecting Co-Cos to use for Christmas baskets. This was seconded and passed by consensus.

Regarding Target and Safeway Gift Cards left from the Carr Fire
There was discussion to give these cards to POP to use and Pilgrim can then refer people to POP. (The intent was for POP to use the cards to purchase what they need, rather than giving the cards to individuals.) Nancy Hill moved that we give the six $25 Safeway gift cards to POP and save the five Target cards for our Faithworks family. The motion was seconded and passed by consensus.
Note: our current Faithworks family is a mom and dad with three little girls ages 6, 3 and 15 mos.

Annual Meeting
It was determined based on a show of hands that we will hold our 2019 Annual Meeting on January 27. The notice to the congregation will need to go out January 16. Pam will work with Elizabeth Cifu Shuster to get this done.

Palestine/Israel Network (PIN) Project
This video project was approved at the 2017 Synod. (Ann Corrin has been/is involved.) PCC is a supporting congregation. The project is still raising funds in order to make the video, so the question is, “Shall we donate to the PIN Project.” After discussion, Glenn moved that we give $200 from the budget, plus offer a special sermon followed by a dessert sale to raise additional funds. This was seconded. An amendment to the motion removed the $200 from the budget; left the motion with an explanatory sermon and donations (manner of donations not determined). The amendment was seconded and passed by consensus. Pam and Sue were assigned to check on any pertinent dates and report back at the next council meeting.

Building Use
There are new-to-us businesses asking to use the church. After discussion it was determined that it is time to review our church-use policy and fee schedule again. Larry made a motion that we do rent to for-profits. This was seconded and passed by consensus. A task force of Glenn Hoxie, Bill Justice, Gail Doering, and Elizabeth Cifu was formed to review building-use policies and fees. The goal is for the task force to report back to council at the next meeting, January 13.

Member in Discernment – Claudia Mosby
It is our church responsibility to support Claudia. Nancy Hill made a motion that was seconded and passed by consensus to pay $200 for a CPE unit, our required share. This will come from the Learning budget line.

The next council meeting will be January 13, 2019 at 11:15 am.

Meeting adjourned at 1:14.

Respectfully submitted,
Pam Crowe, Clerk