Redding Pilgrim
Congregational Church, UCC

December 2017 Council Meeting Minutes

December 3, 2017

The meeting was called to order at noon by Moderator Tere Hancock.

The opening prayer was given by Senior Minister Ann Corrin.

Those present included: Tere Hancock, Karen Lawrence, Ann Corrin, Glenn and Sarah Hoxie, Barbara and Bob Cross, John Egolf, Kathleen Foley, Andrea Gibbons, Heather Hennessey, Tyler Shuster, Larry Solberg, Dan Scollon, Elizabeth Betancourt, Paula and Dick Kahler, Cajun James and Lu Trullinger.

Also in attendance were guests Nancy Dutton and Michelle Martin-Streeby

Moved, seconded and passed to accept minutes of October 1, 2017 meeting.

Nancy Dutton spoke briefly regarding the tables and chairs owned by Shasta High Madrigals. She suggested that we amend the contract we have with them so they can store their tables and chairs in our building. Following a short discussion it was agreed among those present that the contract be amended to allow them to store tables and chairs at the church and when needed the church be able to use those tables and chairs.

Michelle Martin-Streeby was presented with a lovely poinsettia for all her hard work over the years organizing the French Country Market. Michelle reported that she will not be heading up the FCM in the future. Following a lengthy discussion and for multiple reasons it was decided to put the French Country Market on hold for 2018. This will allow time for someone else to step up and fill Michelle’s shoes and also allow for consideration of other venues. We will have either an Interim Minister next Fall or a new Minister and this will allow them to have input. Tyler reported that the FCM netted $8,600 and $6,000 of that will be distributed to local non-profit agencies that the Connecting Co-Co’s have chosen.


Worship Co-Co’s Quarterly Report

Learning Co-Co’s Quarterly Report

Serving Co-Co’s Quarterly Report

Building Update Quarterly Report – John Egolf reported that the Bldg, Co-co’s had not received any bids on the bathroom upgrades as yet but someone is studying the project. He reported that there is a 20’ shaft grate that needs to be replaced as it is dangerous. Lighting for the Sanctuary has been purchased and will be installed. He also reported that the Madrigals want to replace lights over the Sanctuary and plumbing in some areas. Something else that needs to be considered is resurfacing the parking lot.

Connecting Co-Co’s Quarterly Report

(Council Minutes of December 3, 2017 continued.)

It was moved, seconded and passed that the Consent Items be approved.

Note: Reports were emailed to all Council members and are filed at the back of the Clerk’s minutes


Bob Cross, Financial Secretary, distributed reports of income for 2017. and the first nine months of 2017. He also presented an update on the Stewardship Drive stating that 51 pledges have been received for a financial commitment of $117,942 for 2018 compared to 80 pledges for 2017 in the amount of $150,668.

Cajun James, Treasurer, reported that all bills are paid and no transfers have been made from other accounts. She and Bob will be getting together to ready a report for the Co-co’s so they will know how much of their 2017 budget they spent.

Tere Hancock reported that she had information from Davena Jones, UCC contact for us as we go forward in our search for a new minister. She has named five of our members to the search for an Interim Minister and they are: Karen Lawrence, Cajun James, Bob Cross, Elizabeth Betancourt and Glenn Hoxie. It was moved, seconded and approved that these people comprise the Interim Minister Search Committee.

Note: Agenda items 3 and 4 were taken up prior to the Consent Items so Nancy and Michelle did not have to sit through part of the Council meeting.

The next meeting will be our Annual Meeting on January 28th and will be in the Fellowship Hall following the service. Coffee and refreshments will be available.

Respectfully submitted,

Lu Trullinger, Clerk