Redding Pilgrim
Congregational Church, UCC

December 2014 Connecting Co-Co Report

Progressive Pilgrims Newsletter – We have been working with Diana to get the newsletter improved and more vibrant using UCC guidelines. The office will be closed for almost two weeks for Christmas/New Years so the January Newsletter will be abreviated in order to come out in the first week of January 2015. Council is reminded to get articles/photos to Diana ASAP.

A Connection Card was mailed out along on December 3rd with the Progressive Pilgrims newsletter to all on our mailing list, asking how they prefer communications. A link to the newsletter was also included in the December 4th Pilgrim’s Way email blast. Consistently only about half of those who receive the email actually open it and only 14% actually click through to open the pdf of the Newsletter. Our preliminary tabulation of the Connection Cards, plus those that clicked open the pdf, indicates that the Newsletter is only reaching about 25 people online. A significant number still prefer to receive and read a printed copy of the Newsletter in the U S Postal service mail even if they receive the Pilgrim’s Way email. Diana is asked to continue to print the newsletter in color and cull 16 from the U S mail list, but continue to mail out with another self-stamped Connection Card to those who did not return it this past month.

Not many prefer to receive text messages, but a significant percentage still prefer to receive personal telephone calls. This implies for all ministry efforts the personal touch is still valued, particularly by many older people.

FAITH, IN survey respondees will be notified with the names and contact info of others in the congregation who share common social, food, earth or economic justice concerns and those moved to pursue peace and non-violence advocacy.

Micki Forell has indicated that she will not be able to continue as Council Clerk in 2015 so Rick Bonetti will be shifting to assume that position in January. Tara Swanson has also served one year more than her term and will also be completing her Connecting CoCo position in December. This will leave two CoCo vacancies to be filled by the Nominating Committee.

Casting the Connecting CoCo vision for 2015 and beyond will be left to those newly appointed, but it is recommended that an amount of $300 for supplies such as entrance fees, banners, printing, etc. be budgeted in addition to $500 for advertising, which Ann manages.

Connecting Co-Coordinators
Tara Swanson & Rick Bonetti