Redding Pilgrim
Congregational Church, UCC

December 18 2014 Church Council Meeting Minutes

Call to Order and Opening Prayer – Council meeting was opened with prayer by Vice Moderator Rubin Cruse at 5:35 PM.
Attending: Council members Lu Trullinger, Rubin Cruse, Diane Hepburn, Micki Forell, Dick Kahler, Paula Kahler, Bill Justice, Ann Corrin, Rick Bonetti, John Crowe, Pam Crowe. Also attending  was Elaine Justice.
Minutes of the November 20, 2014 meeting as posted online were approved.
Financial Report – Bob Cross gave the Financial Secretary’s report. To date we have total 2015 pledges of $141,144. There are 84 pledging households, up from 76 last year and we are still expecting to hear from 8 more households. This represents roughly 160 people in the congregation. There are 6 new pledges in 2014 and 25 households increased their pledge too.
Pledges make up about 90% of the total  budget; the rest is made up on building use and loose plate. Anyone who uses our building and charges admission pays us 10% of their receipts.
There is still a loan of $3,000 from the building fund. There are very high costs four times a year and it is helpful to have this money available to balance cashflow. Bill Justice requested that we get 2015 budget requests to him by Christmas. Bill noted this is a positive trend for Pilgrim finances and thanked Bob Cross for his good work.
Co-Coordinator Reports – Full CoCo reports are online for Learning, Worship, Connecting.
Treasurer – Lu sent out financial and has not received any questions or comments.

Learning – Paula said that Audra Siqueiros will start the first week in January 2015 and take care of infants and toddlers up to age three. Audra has a BA in psychology and and experience with head start and family programs. We could have 4-6 young children in this age group and the acceptable ratio is 1:4. Kelli could have 6-9 children in the next older group.

Worship – For the third year Worship CoCo has a vision to add modern AV equipment in the sanctuary. We could save money for bulletins, project lyrics for songs, show video clips and scroll announcements that otherwise detract from the flow of worship.  It is thought that a large pull down screen hidden behind a wood valance that lines up with a seam in the concrete and a ceiling mounted projector would be the best solution and be the least objectional. It is the consensus of Council that the number and size of flat screen monitors necessary for legibility would be problematic and would detract from the aesthetics of the Frank Lloyd Wright architecure. Some  expressed a preferance not to add AV equipment, but a motion was approved for Worship CoCo’s to get bids.
Connecting – Rick discussed the need for CoCos to think 1-2 months ahead for the front page newsletter theme. January we can highlight Pilgrim being “The Best Venue for Small Concerts in Redding.” We have a max. capacity of 280 in the sanctuary and have only 225 padded chairs, but we have many brown folding chairs. Palomarin Trio; Klesmer Concert; Performing Arts Society and North State Symphony are all new music groups using Pilgrim in January. February 2015 Diane Hepburn will highlight the many important but quiet volunteers who serve Pilgrim behind the scenes.

Pilgrim is benefiting from a buyout from Riverfront Playhouse. Council discussed this and would prefer a Thursday night performance of Barefoot in the Park (1st choice) or Grapes of Wrath (2nd choice).

Calendar – the online calendar was review with corrections/additions.
Council Vacancies – Dick Kahler and the Nominating Committee will present a slate of people to fill vacancies at the January 25th Annual Meeting; they have contacted many people, but there are still vacancies. Rubin Cruse will preside. Micki Forell explained that she has enjoyed serving as Clerk, but has had changes in her life that prevent her from continuing to be Clerk. Micki’s service is much appreciated by Council.
Council Ajourned at 7:04 PM

Next Council Meeting will be January 15 at 5:30 PM

Respectfully Submitted
Micki Forell and Rick Bonetti