Redding Pilgrim
Congregational Church, UCC

Council Meeting Minutes May 19, 2018

Pilgrim Church Council Retreat

May 19, 2018. 9:30am-3:00

Hoxie Home: 10024 Roadrunner Way, Palo Cedro

Theme: Trusting the Process




Present:            Ann Muir Corrin, Tara Swanson, Paula Kahler, Lu Trullinger, Peggie Linville, Sue Crandell, Kathleen Foley, Glenn Hoxie, Dan Scollon & Andrea Gibbens. Larry Solberg attended in the morning. Elizabeth Betancourt attended in the afternoon.

Absent:              Bob and Barbara Cross, Bill Justice, Jessica French & Sara Hoxie.

9:30-9:45        Gathering/Social time.

9:45-10:45      Tara called the retreat in session at 9:45.

The first activity was to get us “warmed up” by breaking into four (4) groups to consider a dozen different questions (three per group) posed on cards Ann had brought                            back from the National Meeting.  (Note: these can be used in the future as Ann is leaving the deck in her office when she leaves.)

10:45-11:00    Break

11:00-12:00   Began review of PCC Constitution and By-laws. We broke into groups based on our job functions, e.g. co-cos together, officers together, to review our different parts of the document to not only  familiarize ourselves with them but to see how it matches what we currently do and whether changes should be considered.

12:00-12:45    Brown Bag lunch with break

12:45-1:30      After lunch the group shared its discoveries regarding how we live out our Constitution and By-laws. There was lengthy discussion about what is written, words and phrases that should be updated, what duplications can be eliminated, what processes need to be changed. Each group had several ideas to offer.* There was discussion about what needs to be in the Constitution and what would be better in the Policies and Procedures (P&P). Ann reminded the Council about the P&P binder in the Fireside Room, so that council members can seek it out and see how sections may need to be updated as well.  Each member of Council is tasked with reviewing the Constitution and Bylaws to create a list of recommended changes and updates to give to Larry Solberg and his committee to review in order to bring a revised document to the annual meeting in 2019. Each is asked to also please review and update their Policies and Procedures.

1:30-2:30        Selecting delegates to attend the NCNC Annual Gathering was brought to the attention of the council. Dates this year are June 14-17 at Sonoma State University in Rohnert Park. The cost (per the website) is $0 – $477 each.  Ann stated our church still has two (2) votes. We also have one (1) clergy vote, which we will not be able to use this year. June 7 is the last day to make a reservation. No one at the retreat indicated an ability to attend. Tara asked Pam to make an announcement at church May 20. Lu added that there is $500 dedicated to subsidizing delegate attendance.

The interim time and search process:  The Interim Search Committee reported their update to the council, after which Glenn made a motion that the committee seek to hire the candidate effective July 15 at a salary of $101,903 (the minimum based on Conference stipulations) per year for a period of 18 months. This motion was seconded. There was discussion about the recent decision of the Conference to raise the base salary of ministers, and how we can raise the additional funds that are not in our current budget. This candidate is sufficiently interested in our position to want to come visit our area and meet with at least the council and Ann before the end of this month. As Pilgrim church faces this challenge typically whenever there is change in ministerial leadership, and given our resources, Glenn’s motion passed by consensus.

The meeting was adjourned at 3:30.

Respectfully submitted,

Pam Crowe Clerk