Redding Pilgrim
Congregational Church, UCC

January 2017 Pilgrim Annual Meeting Minutes

Pilgrim Church Annual Meeting

January 29, 2017

Call to Order – the Annual Meeting was called to order by Moderator Tere Hancock at 11:30 a.m.

Opening Prayer – Rev. Ann Corrin gave an opening prayer.

Establishment of a Quorum – Approximately 55 members attended the annual meeting. There being more than 10% of the membership present, according to the Bylaws a quorum was established by the Clerk. A 20% quorum (Article IV, Section 2-B) was also met for amending the Bylaws.

Clerk’s Report on Membership – Clerk Rick Bonetti reviewed the Membership Roll, which shows that Pilgrim has currently has 171 adult members. 11 new members were added (Kit Harvey and Kim Harvey were inadvertently not added to the list in the printed Annual Report; 2 were removed by request; 8 removed by death; and 14 were removed by congregational action. Rick explained that per the Bylaws members who have not attended worship nor contributed to the church in the past two years can be removed by congregational action. Bob Cross provided contribution information and Elizabeth Shuster reviewed the pew pad sheets for the last two years to come up with a list of those to being considered for removal. Letters then went out from the Clerk in January 2017 to those being consider for removal and they were kept on that list if there was no response. Elizabeth Shuster was thanked for her hard work in creating an up-to-date data base using the new Breeze software.

Rick stressed that Pilgrim’s general approach is very open, inclusive and fluid to all who might consider Pilgrim their spiritual home and we designate those who have not yet chosen to step forward and make a more formal covenantal commitment of Membership* as “Friends.” The Members* list is relevant primarily if there is very important congregational action (Article IV, Sections 2-B and 2-C) that needs to be taken. The new Breeze software has a Directory function. Both will include both Members* and Friends.

Memorial Prayer for Deceased Members – Rev. Ann Corrin led a prayer for members who died this past year: Rhoda Antos, Marjorie Bland, Molly Cole, Karen Couts, Peggy Mallory, Bob Rock, Del Williamson and Greta Williamson.

Minister’s Report – Ann Corrin reported that she is very pleased that Pilgrim is a very dynamic and healthy congregation as shown by how well we managed during her sabbatical time off this past summer.

Outgoing Council – Tere Hancock thanked those outgoing members of the council for their service: Pam Crowe and Donna Nelson (Worship); Jessica French (Connecting); Nancy Patterson (Vice Moderator); John Crowe (member at-large); and Rick Bonetti (Clerk).

Listening Campaign – Elizabeth Betancourt reported on the Listening Campaign that was started in Summer 2016 and completed in December. She passed out a two page summary and invited members to email her if they wanted a full report.

French Country Market – Michelle Martin Streeby gave a report on another successful FCM on October 1, 2016, where $6,400 net was collected for distribution to community agencies.

Annual Reports:

Learning CoCoordinators – Andrea Gibbens highlighted the written Annual Report that was prepared with Paula Kahler. She stressed that we are always listening for new ways of learning and are open to new ideas, such as end of life planning.

Worship CoCoordinators – Pam Crowe and Donna Nelson prepared the Worship Report and are going off the council, to be replaced by Sara Hoxie and Elizabeth Betancourt. Donna express appreciation for those who do the many tasks necessary for the Sunday worship service to run smoothly and for those who delivered the Sunday messages during summer 2016 when Ann Corrin was on sabbatical.

Serving CoCoordinators – Heather Hennessey and Barbara Cross noted that the function of serving CoCos is primarily inward focused: Prayer Chain, Fellowship Coffee, Fellowship Refreshments; Fellowship Meals; Memorial Receptions; Joys and Concerns Column; and Called to Care. Sally Dale will continue to send out birthday/anniversary cards. Send prayer request to Elizabeth Shuster, our Office Manager who will disseminate information by email. Called to Care, meets in the Fireside Room after worship and will continue to coordinate meals for people in need.

Finance/Admin CoCoordinators – John Egolf and Glenn Hoxie have been doing an outstanding job overseeing maintenance for our Frank Lloyd Wright building. They will be looking at funding for a sexton and addressing some deferred maintenance items in 2017.

Connecting CoCoordinators – Connecting Cocos are primarily outward focused between our church and our community, nation and world. Tyler Shuster reviewed Pilgrim’s mission activities in our community, many of which were coordinated by Jessica French who is going off Council and will be replaced by Kathleen Foley.

2017 Budget Approval:

The Budget Finance Committee, made up of the Cajun James, Treasurer, Bob Cross Financial Secretary and the two Finance/Admin CoCos, prepared the 2017 Budget – lots of time and effort goes into the budget preparation and everyone was thanked. The 2017 budget has $201,336 in expenses with projected income of $183,048 plus a January 1 Bank Balance of $19,873. Bob pointed out a few misprints on the Financial Secreatary summary page. Cajun and Bob answered some questions regarding the budget. The Church leased a Prius for three years to be used by Ann Corrin, in lieu of a raise in salary.

A motion was made, seconded and unanimously approved to accept the 2017 Annual Budget as submitted.

Amendment to Bylaws

Article VI, Section 1 of the Bylaws stipulates that Council shall meet monthly. A motion was made, seconded and unanimously approved (with one person voting no) to change this to quarterly. CoCoordinators will continue to meet monthly and will communicated through email with other CoCoordinators between full Council meetings.

Election of Officers and Co-Coordinators

A motion was made, seconded and unanimously approved to accept the slate of Officers, Co-Coordinators, Personnel Committee and Pastor/Parish Relation Committee listed in the 2016 Annual Report. New Council members include Karen Lawrence (Vice Moderator); Sara Hoxie and Elizabeth Betancourt (Worship); Claudia Mosby (Council-at-large); Kathleen Foley (Connecting). The Clerk position remains unfilled and there were no nominations from the floor. Lon Henderson was added to the Personnel Committee and Karen Lawrence was added to the Pastoral/Parish Relations Committee.

Closing Prayer – Rev. Ann Corrin led a closing prayer.

Adjournment – New Moderator Tere Hancock called for adjournment at 12:30 p.m.

Respectfully Submitted,
Rick Bonetti, Clerk