Redding Pilgrim
Congregational Church, UCC

December 17, 2015 Council Meeting Minutes

The meeting was opened by Moderator Rubin Cruse at 5:40 p.m. Rev. Ann Corrin led with an opening prayer.

Attending – The following members were present – Rev. Ann Corrin, Rubin Cruse, John Cowe, Bob Cross, Nancy Paterson, Lu Trulinger, Larry Solberg, Ann , Diane Hepburn , Donna Nelson, Pam Crowe, Tyler Schuster, Dick Kahler, Paula Kahler, Andrea Gibbens, Bill Justice, Heather Hennessey and Rick Bonetti. Absent were Glenn Hoxie and Jessica French. A quorum was established. Also attending were Elizabeth Schuster, John Egolff and Elaine Justice.

Minister’s Report – This has been a busy time with Christmas, the Madrigals and a memorial service. The Interfaith Choir was at a recent Redding City Council meeting. Ann will be gone to Idaho from December 26 through Jan 4th; Steve Kindle and Heather will preach in her absence. Ann will be visiting her sister, who has cancer in Phoenix during the middle of the week January 12-16, 2016.

Minutes of October 15, 2015 Meeting – were approved as posted online.

Connecting CoCo – A motion was made, seconded and approved for Jessica French as the second Connecting CoCo.

Serving CoCo – Marge Bland is looking well. She will be at church Sunday, December 20, 2015 to celebrate her 100th birthday (her actual birthdate is Dec. 23rd.) Helen Harper is doing well physically but has other challenges.

Learning CoCo – Kaarin Brooke has declined salary in lieu of her pledge donation.

Finance CoCo – Bill Justice  is retiring as a Finance Co-Coordinator in January 2016, but is planning to continue up through the Annual Meeting. Bill was thanked for his many years of excellent service. John Egolf will be moving into the Finance CoCo role being vacated by Bill and will be confirmed for that position in January.

Treasurers Report – Looks like we will end the 2015 year in the black because of some large donations in December.

Operating Budget – Requests/adjustment are due from CoCo’s by the first of January. We are a little behind in timing, particularly with our pledge campaign. Pledges have been received from 48 people for a total of $120,964; 7 more households have been called and 10 still need to be called. We are still about $20,000 short from last year. We received a check for $2,400 from a couple who have moved away, but wanted to fulfill their pledge commitment.

Capital Campaign – We still need to capital campaign, but discussion was tabled until February 2016. There were pledges for about $24,000 when it was put on hold in October. The general fund drive needs to be kept separate from the capital campaign request. Whatever capital improvement work is proposed will be done in the summer 2016.

Review of Calendar – Oaksong will have two concerts in January on 1/16 and 1/30. Ann’s book studies at 2 p.m. and 7 p.m will resume on Mondays on 1/11/16. The Annual Meeting date was set for January 31, 2016 after worship. Ed Beier is planning his Swedish Dinner event again and it has been scheduled for the evening of Feb. 21, 2016.

Moderator – Rubin will be resigning from his position as Moderator after he runs the Annual Meeting in January 2016. Rubin was thanked for his service, understanding that family commitments do not allow him to continue. Nancy Paterson will be our new Moderator and Terri Hancock will join the Council in the role as Vice Moderator after the Annual Meeting. The Nominating Committee will be looking for a Worship CoCo to allow Donna to retire from her position after so many years of service; Pam Crowe would also like to retire but will stay on in 2016. Diane has also been a Serving CoCo for 5 years. Heather will continue for another year as Serving CoCo and expressed an interest in moving to Worship the following year.

Membership Roll – A letter will go out in January to people on an old membership list who have moved away or have not attended nor contributed financially to the church during the past two years, in order to bring our membership roll current – this is only relevant when voting on important congregational matters. A broader, much more inclusive Friends and Member Directory is online and will be kept current at all times by Elizabeth; it will only be printed quarterly for those who don’t use the internet and request it. Elizabeth will send out information on password protection access in February 2016. We are missing professional quality photographs of many people who often attend Pilgrim; John Cerro will be scheduling another photo shoot in 2016. All are welcome at Pilgrim and to call it their church home.

Respectfully Submitted,

Rick Bonetti, Clerk