Redding Pilgrim
Congregational Church, UCC

Connecting Reports

Reports filed by the connecting co-coordinators

Connecting Report October 2016

December 21st, 2016

After a year of preparation, the French Country Market will finally be in town, this Saturday from 10am-3pm. This Market is our largest fundraiser of the year, bringing in nearly $7000 for local non-profit organizations that support our community. Rachel Hatch has been working hard, organizing lots of media appearances for the event, along with […]

May 2016 Connecting Report

April 28th, 2016

Co-Co Connecting Report  We have been incredibly busy these last few months, connecting with: the wider community, other organizations, the media and with each other! In February, we organized and hosted a public presentation by: Stand Against Stigma, called: “How to Strengthen Your Faith Community’s Healing Power Through the Lens of Mental Health”. In March […]

April 2016 Connecting Report

April 4th, 2016

In March Pilgrim applied for a grant from the Shasta Regional Community Foundation, “The McConnel Fund.” The grant awards funds for Arts and Culture and Community Vitality among other purposes. We hope to use these funds to improve the building for community events. If you’ve taken a walk around downtown Redding lately, you may have […]

November 2015 Connecting Co-Co Report

November 10th, 2015

The council is currently seeking a new Connecting Co-Cordinator. Please email if you are interested. Duties include: • Connect the congregation with the wider community • Select areas of concern for study & action by the congregation, & serve as an action arm of the church, • Seek to keep the congregation informed about […]

October 2015 Connecting Co-Co Report

Tyler Shuster, the Connecting CoCo, is nearing completion of the new church website. This website will contain a summary of the church’s history in Redding, a description of its mission, and offer downloads of sermons, newsletters, and reports filed by council members. It will also provide a new system for scheduling and viewing events. All […]

February 2015 Connecting Co-Co Report

February 7th, 2015

The Connecting Co-Cos are leading an effort of self-reflection among the ministries at Pilgrim with a goal of a shared vision for the church.  Pam and Greg have planned a set of collaborative meetings whereby the Co-Cos will take stock of existing programs and resources, identify goals, assess needs, and plan next steps.  The Co-Cos will check […]

January 2015 Connecting Co-Co Report

January 7th, 2015

We have been reviewing an overwhelming aray of online church database software, particularly with the objective of integrating visitors into our weekly email updates and monthly newsletter. Most of what is in the cloud and accessable to several people it is very good, but relatively expensive and has more bells and whistles than we currently […]

December 2014 Connecting Co-Co Report

December 7th, 2014

Progressive Pilgrims Newsletter – We have been working with Diana to get the newsletter improved and more vibrant using UCC guidelines. The office will be closed for almost two weeks for Christmas/New Years so the January Newsletter will be abreviated in order to come out in the first week of January 2015. Council is reminded to get […]

November 2014 Connecting Co-Co Report

November 7th, 2014

Progressive Pilgrims Newsletter – We have been working with Ann and Diana to get the newsletter improved and more vibrant using UCC guidelines. A Connection Card will be mailed out along with the December newsletter to all on our mailing list asking how they prefer communications. Agency Donations – Letters have been mailed to invite representatives […]

October 2014 Connecting Co-Co Report

October 7th, 2014

We have FAITH, IN our communities – Pilgrim; greater Redding; California; our Nation; our World. This month through November 9th you will be asked, as part of Pilgrim’s 2015 stewardship campaign, to tell us your personal commitments to “make a difference in our communities.” Later in November we will help connect you with others in […]