Redding Pilgrim
Congregational Church, UCC

Pastor Ann’s Update October 2015

Dear Pilgrims,

The French Country Market has come once again.  We work towards it each year with a wonder-filled combination of anticipation and anxiousness.  Each year the day unfolds with great enthusiasm and joy for all, those working and those coming in the doors!  The shared day is a great gift to our community; laughter, stories and fabulous items are exchanged.  A significant amount of money is raised for several important local agencies. This is an important ministry of Pilgrim to the redding community.

October also ushers in the new season for Oaksong.  The Oaksong Society for Preservation of Way Cool Music has a dozen concert scheduled at Pilgrim between October 9th and May 6th .  The gift that Pilgrim gives to the community that gathers for these concerts is dear to the hearts of all who come.

We also begin to have the rehearsals of the Shasta High Madrigals during the month of October.  The rehearsals continue through November, and the performances are the first two weeks of December. This Redding tradition of more than 30 years has been a ministry to the music department at Shasta High as well as a beautiful gift to the community.

October truly throws us into the busy scheduling of our program year.  Our building is in every sense of the word, a community center as these seasonal offerings join the ongoing programs including the Perfoming Arts Society’s monthly concerts, the weekly gathering of the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship and the many smaller groups who meet on a weekly basis. We are so privileged to own this building that serves as a community center and to have the opportunity to worship in the vitally alive space every Sunday morning.

Pilgrim is known in town as this location that serves the wider community.  We know Pilgrim as the family of faith which nurtures and grows each of us. Pilgrim is a beautiful gift and ministry for all.

In Christ’s Love,