Redding Pilgrim
Congregational Church, UCC

Pastor Ann’s Update: June 2016

Dear Pilgrims,

What a joy it is to experience the ties that bind our hearts together in a faith community. The smiles and  laughter that filled the sanctuary as we tied of brightly colored strips of cloth into a beautiful banner were evidence of the power of the ties we have.

Our ties with our denomination, the United Church of Christ will become evident this month as we invite our Conference Minister, Rev. Diane Weible to lead us in worship on  June 12th.  This is an important opportunity for us to hear  from Diane what  her sense of the state of and her vision of the ministry of the church in Northern California and Nevada is. We will hear in her greetings from the wider church the ties that bind us together.

During the following week Elizabeth Shuster, Yani Henderson and I will participate in the Annual Gathering of the Northern California Nevada Conference of the Untied Church of Christ.  We will hear presentations, share in workshops and celebrate in worship with our brothers and sisters in faith.  The tie that binds us will become clear and strong in those days.  We will share those experiences on Sunday, June 19th.

Our times together in worship, as the choir gathers for its year-end picnic, as L Club and Men’s Breakfast gather, as family and friends share dinners, picnics and play days strengthens those ties. As we say good-bye to Nataly, Raiza, Jette, and Kate on their way back to their homes we know that we have new ties that stretch around the world.

Blest be those beautiful ties that bind us in our love!  May every day bring new and stronger ties.