Redding Pilgrim
Congregational Church, UCC

Pastor Ann’s Update January 2016

Dear Pilgrims,

2015 was an important year in our spiritual grown as a faith community. The challenges of the public and political world as well as personal challenges have re-established the importance of the strength of a covenant that draws us into the hopes and the pain of each other’s lives. We have learned again and again that the most important commitment we have to God is to uphold the dignity and integrity of each and every person.

We are proud to stand with each other honoring each individual faith journey and everyone’s unique talents and gifts. We know that, as people with wide ranges of influence in our personal and professional lives, this perspective of honoring all people goes far beyond the walls of our building and far beyond the relationships in our faith family. It is the foundation of our world perspective.

2016 will be a year that sees many changes in the world and in our lives,
like every other year. The decade in front of us will see accelerated changes that are unprecedented in our experiences. As human beings we will have the choice to move with fear or confidence through such changes. Our faith stance that continually and consistently holds love over fear will be an important grounding point for us and our children through the changing times.

The shared experiences of worship, study and fellowship will strengthen our ability to act from the calling of covenantal love in all spheres of our lives. Some days this may be easy, some days this will be very difficult, but the love of Christ alive and powerful in this world is dependent on our willingness and ability to respond in love. This is why we gather as a faith community. This is why we teach our children the faith of covenantal love in Christ. This is why we follow the Pilgrim path.

I am humbled by the privilege of walking this path with you. May God bless us on our way.