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Sunday School and Sunday Worship Childcare


Pilgrim offers Sunday School to school-age kids during worship time on Sunday morning’s. They begin in with the adults at 10 a.m., and then after Children’s Time during service, they head down to the Sunday School room for activities and a lesson.

Additionally, we offer childcare in a safe, enjoyable setting with trained and familiar staff for those kids too little to join in with the school-age activities.

For updates about the Learning Opportunities at Pilgrim, including updates about Sunday School see this month’s Learning Report.

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Hopes & Dreams

Dear Families,

The Season of Lent
is 40 days long (not counting the Sundays, which are all considered “little Easters”) and it
is a time to recall the stories of our faith. During this season the children will be exploring readings from both
the Hebrew scriptures (also known as the Old Testament) and the New Testament. They will learn about a
ritual of thanksgiving, about God’s covenant with Abraham and Sarah, and a song of joy in the Psalms. They
will also hear two stories about extravagant love.
Here are some activities your family could do together during Lent:

  1. follow a Lenten practice: each week the children will be introduced to a spiritual practice, and
    will be encouraged to do that practice with their families at home
  2. work together on a family service or outreach project
  3. set aside a daily prayer time together
  4. choose one thing your family might do without or one thing your family might begin doing
    during this time.

On Palm/Passion Sunday (March 20) children may bring home a page of “Holy Week Reflections” with readings and questions your family might do together.

The Season of Easter, following Easter Sunday (March 27), is 50 days long. During this time the children will
explore stories from the book of Acts and the ways in which Jesus’ followers shared the good news of the
risen Christ. These are exciting stories of courage, transformation, and faithful witness. Consider reading each
week’s story again at home, using a children’s Bible: Acts 5:27–32, Acts 9:1–20, Acts 9:36–43, Acts 11:1–18, Acts
16:9–15, and Acts 16:16–34.

  1. Here are some activities your family could do together during the Easter season:
    attend an Easter Sunday sunrise service, or get up before dawn on other days to watch the sun
    rise together
  2. bake hot cross buns together to share with friends and neighbours
  3. send cards or letters to those working overseas for the national church, expressing appreciation
    for the work they are doing to share the good news of the gospel

Pentecost Sunday (on May 15) marks the end of the Season of Easter. This is a day to celebrate the Spirit of God
and the growth of the Christian community. Plan a picnic for this day with activities such as kite-flying or
blowing bubbles to symbolize the winds of the Spirit.

We will be praying for each child in our group during these seasons. We ask that your family also include us
in your prayers as we prepare for and lead the sessions each week.

May these Lenten and Easter seasons be a time of spiritual nurture and growth for our group and for your

Paula Kahler, Andrea Gibbens, & Kaarin Brooke