Redding Pilgrim
Congregational Church, UCC

Ancestral Grace: Meeting God in Our Human Story

Quoting O’Murchu – page 192: “The death throes of our time are manifest particularly in what is transpiring within our major social, religious, political and economic institutions.  With greater rapidity and frequency they are becoming ‘permanently failing organizations’  what another specialist calls ‘epics of entropy’, increasingly failing to deliver on anything of significance for humanity or the suffering earth itself.”

I was really struck by that phrase: “increasingly failing to deliver on anything of significance for humanity …”

When I think of my life foci, passions for economic justice, social equity and environmental stewardship, being lived out in the context of the church, I am finding myself challenged again and again to both articulate why I do choose to live and work in that context and how willing I am to challenge and invite the church to continue to deliver significant life to humanity.

I know that I am at times afraid to challenge the church to deliver significant hope, life and action towards a transformed world because of the fear I know I will face.  I need some help here, thinking this through and living it out.

Are we dying because of our lack of significance? Do we care? After all, we will be gone and will have, in the mean time, enjoyed our comfortable family of faith,

What do you think?